Love, G & T: The Little Things

While I was having merienda with Giles today at Chevy Burger Antipolo, we were just talking about random things. We wanted to have a quick meal so I can make it to the salon on time and he has to go to his friend's house for Poker night.

Giles: Meron ka hair sa nose.
Me: Really? Should I cut it?
Giles: No. 'Di naman halata.
Me: How about my moustache?
Giles: Wala naman eh. Meron ka beard.

We don't know why we both laughed so hard. We were just laughing for about 5 minutes. When I got to the salon, I was kind of emotional thinking about how the little things can make us both so happy. Giles and I have been together for over a year now and we're still crazy about each other. Sometimes we act more like best friends than lovers.

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