10 Facts About Me


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1. I am almost a boy - On my Dad's side of the family, I'm the only girl. All my brothers and cousins are all boys. I grew up with them and kinda developed a boy-ish side in me. :)

2. I am a scared cat - Despite growing up surrounded with males in the family, I am NOT a fan of horror shows/movies. I hate watching scary movies and/or shows. Even hearing a scary story makes me go ga-ga.

3. I love buffets - Since I have a very awesome gene (and maybe a fast metabolism), I can eat a lot and not gain too much weight. You will never know how big my appetite is unless you bring me to a buffet. :D

4. Shopping is my only sport - Ever since high school I was never really the sporty one. I'll only play sports when my friends are also playing. I was always invited to go hit the gym or do boxing but I always make an excuse. I'm not being maarte, I just know that it's really not my thing.

5. I fancy Matcha - It was my brother who introduced the Green tea flavor to me, and I became obsessed with it. I love Green tea and I'm on a quest to taste every Green tea flavored food there is. I've been to Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe (where I truly belong) and I wanna try everything there. I believe it's the first Matcha cafe here in Manila and I was lucky enough to have tried it at least once.

6. I am a proud KathNiel fan - I think I've seen almost all of their movies. And I am really a fan, I love Kathryn she's so pretty and she looks so sweet. I've been crushing on Daniel Padilla since forever. :D I love  his bad boy cutie looks! :">

7. I love Apple Beer - Whenever I hang out with my friends and/or my boyfriend, I always order myself a beer or two. I don't know why I love drinking beer especially late in the afternoon after a long and exhausting day. I guess it's one of my stress reliever. :)

8. Online Shopping is my hobby - My dad is cutting me off this summer since I've been spending too much already. I'm lucky I have work and projects because that's where my money come from. I often (almost always) shop online because no one (except my boyfriend who's always busy) wants to go shopping with me. (Maybe because I can shop for one whole day and never get tired) Although I can really shop alone, there's just something about me and online shopping that I can't get away from. (Please don't judge me ladies & gentlemen) Most of my stuff now are bought online.

9. Taylor Swift is my idol forever - She looks like a Goddess, and her songs are amazing. Who doesn't love T Swift?? She gets me, and all the girls out there. She write songs for girls like me. She's madly in love with the world and she makes us feel that too. I love to sing along with her songs even when I'm almost always out of tune. :) And her style is so versatile. She's actually my favorite peg. :) I remember making her song titles as my blog post titles. Haha T SWIFT FOREVER

10. Chick Lit are my kind of books - I love to read and the only books that I'm interested with are Chick Lit books (not my chemistry or bio psychology books!!!) If you guys have suggestions of a good Chick Lit book to read, don't hesitate to tell me!! I'm always open for new discoveries. :)

On this Outfit:
Gray Shirt: Giordano PH | Black Skirt: Rustan's Dept. Store | Gold Necklace: H&M | White Sneakers: Cotton ON |

 Ring from Zoey.PH watch out for a separate post about it! But as of now please visit their website you might see something that you like. They're on SALE!! :) Also follow them on Instagram: @zoey.ph

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post! :)
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  1. Me too! Haha buffet for the win! X

    Glam night look over at-

  2. I love your outfit, it is simple but cute. We have some things in common, I'm kinda boyish too after growing up with two brothers, I hate horror movies because it takes me a long time to get over them and I like buffets and Taylor Swift.