Qik or It Didn't Happen!


My wonderful readers, let me present to you the newest application that my boyfriend and I have been truly enjoying.... The SKYPE QIK


This super fun application which you can download FOR FREE from Apple Store, Google Play Store and Windows Phone Store is the latest trend!! You can swap 40 sec videos to your boyfriend/girlfriend, barkada, your family and everyone who matters to you. :) Giles and I have been sending each other silly videos, corny knock knock jokes and even cheesy banat lines. :D This app is super fun, we use it even if he's at work (during lunch breaks) and when I'm at work too. We update each other all the time and this is the best way to do it. Feels like we're just talking to each other personally. :)

All we have to do is press record and start talking (even acting sometimes hehehe) and we can already share giggles with each other. 

Well this isn't for the love birds only, you can share your videos with your friends as well! :) You'll enjoy sending each of your friends the videos you create using Skype Qik and like what my barkada does, we copy lines from movies and we send it to each other! May the best video win! Hahaha

You can also choose different effects to make your video look more fun and appealing! :)

For more information, visit this link

Download SKYPE QIK now and have the best chikkahan and kulitan with your friends and loved ones!! :)


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