Simple Day Look

Finally got the time (and the confidence) to share my make up looks. I've been wanting to post make up tutorials to share to everyone what I know and my (little) knowledge about make up and cosmetics. I've attended a few make up workshops which really inspired me to do make up tutorials myself. :)

So for today's quick make up tutorial, I've decided to show you all how I do a simple day look. It's what I normally wear whenever I have a date with my boyfriend or with my friends. It's really simple, my peg is to have just the right amount of light and glow on my face. Perfect for a day out.

To achieve this look, here are the products I used:

  1. Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream - This is the first product I applied after putting MYRA E Facial Moisturizer because it's the perfect make up base for my skin. It's very light and it's not too greasy.
  2. Shawill Magic Concealer #04 - This is what I use to cover some blemishes. The shade is close to my skin tone because I want it to help me even out the colors on my skin.

3. NYX High Definition Concealer CW 04 - I apply this under my eyes, I put small dots and then I blend it out using my ring finger because it has the lightest pressure. I also put some on my nose and a little amount on my forehead. I'm in love with this product because it works very well with my skin. It conceal my skin in the best ways possible. I think I just found a new best friend. :) This is really worth buying, it's a great investment. I chose the liquid formula because it works better for oily skin.

4. Benefit POREfessional - I apply it outward from the center of my face. And since it's a small tube (that is quite expensive) I only use it on problem areas where my pores can really be seen (my T-zone area) I just use my ring finger and pat it over my make up to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines.

5. Collection Lasting Perfection Powder - I apply it to set my face, it really gives me a matte finish (which I truly truly love!!!) I use a powder brush with this which is not included in the picture because it doesn't look presentable anymore. Hehe (note to self: buy a new powder brush) This powder is really nice because it's not too cake-y and it's super nice on the skin. It was a challenge to find the right powder for me, like most girls I struggled for quite some time, it was a trial and error until I was able to find the right products that are perfect for my skin. :)

6. Brown Eyebrow Pencil - I use this to fill my brows just the right amount, not too dark and not too light. Since my hair is medium brown, I use an eyebrow pencil that matches with my hair color because I didn't want to dye my brows. I start filling my brows from the middle up to the end. Then I apply (with a very light hand) on the beginning of my brows. I always make sure to start out very light and make it more defined as it goes to the tail. You're lucky if you have nice brows which you don't really have to fill in too much. Because in my case, I have very thin eyebrows that's why I really need to fill them in with the right color

7. L.A Girl Black Gel Liner and brush - It's quite a challenge for me to put eyeliner on because I have a terrible eye sight which is a total bummer! My technique is, I apply the liner with my eyes open and start at the outer corner of my eye then I apply thicker strokes up to the end. It's a little tricky at first but practice makes perfect so you'll get the hang of it for sure. :)

8. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara -  A technique I learned from Benefit Workshop is to apply the mascara with a zigzag stroke rather than the normal straight stroke because it makes your lashes more defined and the mascara will really stick to your lashes.

9. ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzer Palette - which is not included in the picture (my bad!) I use the bronzer to contour my face. My technique is, I draw a number 3 on my face. Starting from the side of my forehead, then the temples of my cheeks/ cheek bones down to my jawline. It should be easier if you use an angled brush and blend blend blend!! :)

10. Ever Bilenna Matte Lipstick in shade Mauvey - For a simpler look I opted to wear a pale looking lipstick. To highlight your lips, put some concealer dots just above your lip line and start blending it until it looks perfectly done. Doing this will help you make your lips pop out a little.

And that's it for my quick make up tutorial. Hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you have any questions, suggestions or anything just tweet or email me!! :)



  1. Cute minimal look!

  2. Thank you for reading ladies!! :)

  3. Such a nice natural look
    I love tutorials that don't use high end makeup too!
    The Everyday Life of Rachel

  4. Great photos! Love The Porefessional. Jo x