Sweet Sunday at Xocolat


This late posr is all about my date at Xocolat
One fine Sunday, my boyfriend and I decided to try something new and since we love to eat out we searched for a good place to eat in one of our favorite towns in Manila. I was really excited when my boyfriend and I planned to have a Sunday lunch in this restaurant because I knew there's going to be lots and lots of chocolate!! We arrived a little late for lunch because we had to go to Church first. So when we got into the restaurant, it was packed with people. We chose the table beside the counter because we figured we might not be able to talk much if we stayed in the middle of the restau. Plus I sat on a comfy couch!

Of course we had to try the fries with chocolate and sweet butter sauce. This one went well with the pasta that I ordered which had chocolate on top of it as well. I love the idea of mixing chocolate with your food, it's just so overwhelming especially for chocolate lovers like me. It really gives a special taste and a different flavor than the usual fries and pasta. For my boyfriend, he ordered Lasagna but it doesn't have chocolate on it, just the normal lasagna.The serving was enough to fulfill a normal appetite but it wasn't enough for my boyfriend because (he eats like a beast). 

We had a good time having to taste food with a twist of chocolate. We ordered three dishes (which amounted to roughly 800-900php) I wanted to try some cupcakes but I realized, haven't I eaten enough already? So my boyfriend said maybe we could save it for another day. After we finished eating, we stayed there for a while because we both got caught up with some interesting topics like getting married and having kids. (Oh yes mom we talked about it) Maybe it's the sugar rush that got both of us all sweet and romantic. Hah! But you can't blame us, nor the food because even the vibe of the place really makes a great romantic dining experience. 

For more information about Xocolat, visit this! 
Hope everyone's having a sweet wednesday night!

hugs & kisses!


  1. This looks amazing! I love the interesting and creative take on the food :)

  2. That restaurant sounds great and the food looks amazing!
    I know what you mean about portion sizes, my boyfriend eats like a beast too!!

    The Everyday Life of Rachel

    1. Hahaha!! :) Thanks Rachel for dropping by!