Why It's Right, To Just Write


I've always been fond of writing, it's something I really want to do. It's my stress reliever and it makes me feel good about myself. 

Since I was a child, I was already a big fan of books, specifically fairy tale books. Maybe that's why I'm the hopeless romantic type. Growing up, I started reading magazines like Princess Magazine then switched to Candy Magazine, novels like the Twilight Saga (Don't hate! :p) and up until now I enjoy reading magazines and novels, that's where I got the idea to blog. Because I've always wanted my own column in a magazine, but I was pretty sure I wouldn't get it any sooner so the rest was history.

Blogging is definitely one of the best things for me, I enjoy sharing my thoughts and somehow my knowledge to everyone who's interested. :) And I've been writing for the school magazine since I was in my first year in college and I have never felt so sure to where I truly belong. There's always something at the back of my mind that tells me to try to write on my blog everyday but of course, that is quite difficult considering that I've tons to do everyday. But I am quite hoping that by the time I graduate, my blog has already gotten somewhere that I'd be able to just be a blogger and not have to work in a real office anymore. Ha! :)

What I love about writing is practically the mere fact that I can write about everything I want just as long as I'm not doing anything or saying anything unpleasant against other things or people. :) But when I started to get more and more readers, I figured I might have to write for other people, things that may catch their interests. Being able to share my ideas and opinions in the form of writing is profoundly exceptional.

I've got a few tips on how to write effectively and somehow professionally. But let me tell you that I'm no expert, the things that I'm about to share to you are only from my own experiences and please know that not one human is the same.

1. Passion = Success
If you have a passion for writing, make sure to stick to it. There isn't a one way ticket to success. Everyone has to go through some tough times to be able to make it in life. But if you have the passion and willingness to succeed, you will surely make it!

2. Step out of your comfort zone
This is indeed, true. I know some people who have always been afraid to do what their hearts desire because they fear something. Fear of failure is one of the main causes. I got three words for you: CONQUER YOUR FEARS.

3. Work Hard
Like I've mentioned earlier, there isn't a one way ticket to success. So if you want to achieve something, work hard for it. Always remember to "Hustle until you no longer have to introduce yourself"

4. Don't Stop Believing
Even if you've reached that part you've always wanted, remember to always aim higher and strive harder.

5. And lastly, make sure to choose the RIGHT words
You also have to choose the right words to be able to comprehend your thoughts in a nice and positive way. No one wants to read an article full of negativity. So make sure to lessen the hate and put more love on your work! :)

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