Fun Friday at Monte Cafe


Last Friday, I spent my afternoon at Monte Cafe

My friend Kaila of Slice of Keiq and I planned to have a collaboration together. She's really good in arts and photography and I truly adore all her works. She was the one who made the very artistic wall at Monte Cafe. 

Whenever I'm blogging, I make sure that my mind is relaxed and at peace so I can easily comprehend what I want to say and let the ideas flow freely. It is a big factor for me when I am in a relaxing and calm place because it helps me think. And I love how Monte Cafe gives me that feeling, the ambiance of the place is really warm and inviting. I see it as an urban coffee place with a hipster vibe.

The interiors of the place is exceptionally beautiful. I love how minimal the designs are but it still looks stylish. I've been to many coffee shops before and I always consider the design of the place because I love the home-y feeling a place can give me and how comfortable I can be. I consider Monte Cafe as one of the coffee shops in Antipolo that has the most beautiful interior.

I ordered White Chocolate Mocha 16oz which costs I think 130php only and it was good. It was raining when my friend and I got there so we ordered hot coffee. It felt like we were in a movie because we were talking over coffee while it's raining outside and the heat of the coffee makes us feel warm and safe (what?!). Hahaha. Anyway, I was surprised about how good their coffee is. It was my first time to try their hot coffee and it was magnificent! :)

When my boyfriend arrived at the place, he ordered food too and told me how much he likes the ambiance of the place. We've both been here before but it was a long time ago, a year maybe? And we usually sit outside so we've never really experience sitting inside Monte Cafe. We both agreed to make this a part of our date spot. Not only because of the pleasant ambiance of the cafe, but also the staff was nice and the coffee is amazing. They also offer indoor S'mores & Milk that I have yet to try. I heard it's good so, I am so excited to dig in and try it myself!

I had so much fun taking photos at the cafe, it's so instagram-worthy! Hahaha

This (pic above) is the wall that I was talking about earlier. Kaila designed the whole wall, she said it took her twelve days to finish everything. Here's the story of how she did everything, from the drafts to filling in all the details, it's all here!

You guys can also join the Monte Cafe bandwagon, just take a snapshot of you and your coffee at Monte Cafe and use the hashtag #MonteMoments :) You can also bring your Monte To-Go cups anywhere and share it to other people by using the hashtag #MonteCupTravels and #MonteCafePH. 

I based this outfit with the theme of the cafe. It's kind of a pet peeve of mine. Because sometimes I like to match my clothes, accessories and shoes with the vibe and ambiance of the place. :)

White Button Down: ZARA | Shorts: American Eagle | Sandals: SM Parisian

My Friday afternoon went well. My barkada, my boyfriend and I really enjoyed the coffee. Probably one of the best coffee I've had in a while. So if you want a chill & relaxing ambiance, go and visit Monte Cafe. You can visit their Facebook page for more information and follow them on Instagram too! :)

Monte Cafe is located at 2nd Flr. Citywalk Bldg. Lot 2 D-1 M.L Quezon Extension Antipolo City
Photo credit goes to: Kaila Canlas

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  1. The space looks so good and full of good vibes :) I wish there were places like these around more often that are not chain hangouts but are super cool!

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog dear! xo