Gloomy Tuesday

"My idea of absolute happiness is to be in bed on a rainy day, with my blanket, and my dog."
I haven't been able to sleep well lately. I often sleep around 3-4 am and I wake up around 8 am everyday. My boyfriend's been worried sick about this. It came to the point when I had to put large amount of concealer to hide the bags under my eyes. Last night, I felt sleepy around 9 pm so Giles and i decided to hit the sack early. He couldn't sleep though because his usual sleeping time is 10 or 11 pm until 4 am. I woke up around 10:30 pm to talk to Giles until he decided to go back to sleep. I then, lost my senses around 1 am and woke up at 11 am today.

I was feeling super lazy to make breakfast so I just grabbed a banana and ate it with a cookie butter spread. Then I started checking my emails, and my blog stats. I also sent my friends a message on Facebook asking if they want to hang out today. No one replied just yet so I started reading articles and news online.

Around 1 pm I started to feel hungry. I had cookie butter toasts, Sopas, banana & lemon iced tea. After washing the dishes, I turned on the TV to check if there is anything good to watch but I got bored so I began online shopping in Lazada.

I love ordering stuff online. (If it isn't obvious yet LOL) My two favorite websites for Online Shopping is Lazada Philippines & Zalora Philippines. I love buying things in Lazada because it's like a virtual department store where you can buy almost everything you need. From gadgets, fashion accessories, clothes, shoes, home appliances etc. Almost everything is there (most of the time, in a cheaper price) I ordered two iPhone cases one for me & one for my Dad (for Father's Day!) A pair of shoes (for School) and a 12-pcs Make Up Brush Set. I just couldn't resist not shopping today because I've been bummed at home and got nothing to do. I ALMOST purchased a new bag too but I decided not to because I'm thinking if I should buy an Action Camera for Giles and I. Can you guys help me choose? :)

You guys can also order in Lazada PH, the easiest way is to just click the ad on the side of my blog.

I made myself an afternoon snack after placing my orders. It stopped raining by the time I took a bath. Boyfriend is still busy at work so I just watched TV while scrolling on my Instagram feed ( @tesletelandotcom ) My friends wanted to hang out today but I was too lazy to go out so I went back to bed and had a power nap.

Right now I am still waiting for Giles to come home. I wanted to watch some movies but opted to listen to Spotify instead. Although I've made a list of films to watch for when Giles arrive.

Have you guys heard of iFlix?? :)

You can now watch all the movies and shows you want online using your devices. Unlimited access & no ADS are some of its features for only 129php per month! And they offer a free trial so go to 

Now that's my Tuesday, what's yours?? You can tell me here on the Comment box (I love, love, love reading all your comments!) Or you can tweet me @tesletee & if you're too shy (which I am hoping you're not) you can ALWAYS send me an email:

Thank you so much for being with me on this Gloomy Tuesday!!
Hope everyone's feeling great!!

Stay fab

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