Love Shack


Dinner at Love Shack after the PhFW last Saturday

There were so many people at the SM Aura Premier last Saturday and we had a hard time looking for a nice place to have dinner. Luckily, a bright idea came to me and I checked the Zomato application on my phone. I searched for good restaurants around SM Aura and I stumbled upon this restau, it has an interesting name "Love Shack". Hmm, love? YES! ;)

It's really a nice and quiet place where we enjoyed just talking and sharing our thoughts about the Philippine Fashion Week.

They offer a wide variety of food from american burgers to italian pasta and spanish paellas. The staff were nice and we didn't have to ask for water refill because whenever they see that our glasses are empty, they'd instantly fill them up again with water.

I ordered Grilled Chicken Paella, which is a combination of a Chicken thigh part on top of the Paella rice. The chicken was really good and well cooked. It also has a sauce on the side which I really loved! I was so impressed because they served me my favorite chicken part and they served a large amount of rice!! I didn't expect this much serving from a 260php price. I wasn't even able to finish all of it (I think I've eaten only half) and I asked Giles to finish it for me. :D

Giles is a burger fan, so he made me choose what burger I think is good and I picked Love Shack Burger Creation 2. And I was right, it was really good. The burger patty was very juicy and it has a very nice flavor. There were crunchy bacon and lettuce (my favorite) and the fries on the side was good too. Although I hope they served more fries along with the burger. :D The sauces on the side were really interesting and I think they're really cute! Haha!

It was a nice dining experience at the Love Shack and I will definitely be back if given the time and chance. Love Shack is located at the Lower Ground Floor of SM Aura Premier. Price ranges at 600-700php for two people.

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Tag me if you visit Love Shack, I'd love to see what you ordered and share me your Love Shack experiences too! Comment here or tweet me!


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