Crazy Katsu Experience


Last week's trip down South, we had lunch at Crazy Katsu BF Homes Branch.

Sweets, Flicks, and iFlix


As you all know, during my free time I'd always opt to watch movies and catch up on my favorite TV series. I love watching US TV series as much as I love watching Filipino Teleseryes. :D So when I heard about iFlix I tried it right away. Like I've mentioned before, iFlix offers a fourteen day trial for you to see what's in store for you when you subscribe. What I love about iFlix is that, you can use up to 5 devices and watch movies and TV series anytime, anywhere! (Just download the iFlix app on your mobile phones and tablets, and you're good to go! :D) 

And since my class got cancelled today, what better way to take advantage of it than having a movie marathon alongside a delicious plate of toast, fruits, cheese & spread.

My Top 5 Favorite Chick Flicks from iFlix
  1. Confessions of a Shopaholic
  2. Mean Girls
  3. Legally Blonde
  4. Legally Blonde 2
  5. Aquamarine
My Top 5 Favorite TV Series from iFlix
  1. 2 Broke Girls
  2. Scandal
  3. Awkward
  4. Under Employed
  5. The Carrie Diaries

I had enough time to prepare myself a delicious snack. My plate consists of french toasts, grapes, slices of banana, slices of cheese, peanut butter and hazelnut spread. 

It's time to hit the play button once again!
Happy watching (and munching)

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Understated Elegance


A new style post

Let's reduce as in!! With ATC Healthcare's Reducin


This came in the mail today, a bag full of health supplements from ATC Health Care.

Tesle's Wishlist at Dresslink

I've been so obsessed with online shopping lately and have discovered a few websites that offers (low cost) international shipping, one of them is the website Dresslink. I checked almost all of their items and everything is really cheap and affordable! And that is why I created my very own Dresslink Wishlist.

On The Edge


Palm Trees


Top from EandM Shop 

Spent an afternoon contemplating on how I'd be able to manage my time for school, work (and love life). Been so busy trying to balance everything all at once by answering work emails, drafting blog posts (like this one) while in class, taking down notes and catching up with my block mates. It has been quite a challenge just like how the weather has been in Antipolo lately - one day it's all sweaters and pull overs, the next day it's all about wearing crop tops and low back tops.

Hope everyone's having a great week!

5 Things I Do When Classes Are Suspended


It's been raining all week and classes has been suspended. It is so nice to stay in and snuggle down in bed all day. As much as I'd want to sleep the whole day off, I can't. So here are some of the things I do when classes are suspended.

Good Advice That Finally Fit Me

As I have started this blog two years ago, I promised myself that this blog will be my virtual best friend - someone (perhaps, something) that I can tell all my crazy adventures to. All the fun, awkward moments all through out my journey as a college student. And I have gone from being that girl who cannot seem to make everything alright to that girl who seem to have everything right. (Not!) Things may have changed over the past couple of years and as much as I want to share every bit of detail, I can't. Because all through out those random rants and irrelevant blog posts about hurt, pain and even moving on (Gasp! I wrote about that?!) I've come to realize that some people like to keep some things private and obviously, I am trying to be one of them. (Oh, please! Who am I kidding) A note to self: Stop talking to self when writing. Another note to self: Stop contradicting thy self. Ugh this is even harder than I thought but I hope you guys are enjoying yourselves as I have much fun writing it. (I may or may not have laughed a few times because I think I've gone crazy while writing this but nope, this is my sane self everyone)

As I look back, I saw myself two years younger, I was that skinny girl - a fashion wanna be as some people may have addressed me. But all those crazy, awkward stages has got me to where I am right now. It wasn't easy to take that ladder but I'm glad I did. I am so glad I did. Couple of years ago I never thought I'd get into where I am right now, I never even thought I'd become so proud of myself, all I knew was I had a dream. And I'd do everything to pursue that dream. Technically, I haven't reached that dream yet - because it involves being in a real fashion world, I wanted to be a writer, a columnist, a journalist but I took up Bachelor of Science in Psychology instead. No shame though, I never thought I'd do a lot of things that being a Psych student has made me over come. I don't even want to tell you guys about it for it involves a syringe, some Formaldehyde (Actually a lot of it!) and more so it requires a strong stomach (idiomatic expression - the ability to handle very unpleasant things without feeling ill) 

If you are going to ask me why I ever chose Psychology instead of something else, I do not even know. (I am serious) But whenever I think about it I have no regrets (Okay, that's a lie. I have tons of regrets before but that's just because it was a bit harder than I actually thought) Reminding note to self: stop talking to self while writing. I may have made a lot of mistakes over the past years but choosing this course isn't one of them. (But dating douche bags, yes. Sorry!) Despite struggling, I'd like to believe that I am exactly where I wanted to be. And quite frankly, it is so much better. I never would have imagined myself being here in the first place. Two years ago I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life (ie. Taking up a course I randomly picked) but I knew where I wanted to land, so I worked for it. I worked for it for two damn years, and it was gahd damn worth it. So here's an advice I'd like to give to my old self (who felt like she was only struggling and no light would ever come her way because her life was just too tragic)

Work today, work tomorrow and enjoy every part of it. Life may seem dark right now but it'll pass. Those bad days shall pass. Focus on being you, focus on doing the things you love, the things you are passionate about. Because you get what you work for. Always.

So for everyone feeling down right now (and by down I mean sad or lonely oh you get it!) especially for those girls who feel lost, who can't seem to find the right direction, it's okay. It's actually okay to make mistakes, I have made a lot of mistakes in the past but what's important is to always, ALWAYS pick yourself up and don't let ANYONE (yes including your boyfriend, or in some cases your parents) take the sunshine out of your a$$. Don't let anything ruin your day, and most importantly your life. It maybe a bit shaky for you right now but you'll make it. You'll go through it with a bright smile on your face (and maybe a new bag or two.. it somehow helps.. me I guess.. *wink*)

Do everything with love


PS. This is the best entry for #TesleTalks (a lot)

Wet Season Sale - Lazada PH

Lazada's Season Sale is here! Buy everything you need and save up to 80% isn't that great? :D

Lazada Philippines

Out of the Woods


"Remember when we couldn't take the heat?
I walked out and said I'm setting you free
But the monsters turned out to be just trees"

Tesle's Wishlist - Sherry London Dresses

I have always dreamed of becoming a Princess and living in a Castle just so I can wear pretty long dresses all day. Since I was a kid, my parents exposed me to watching fairy tales and reading Princess books and magazine which totally inspired me to become one. Ha! As if! Living in a small town, I find it weird to wear dresses in casual occasions. So whenever I have a new dress, I'd actually save it for a special occasion. Who's with me?? :D I bet some of you would do the same too. 

Photo from: Sherry London

Shop Tesle's Closet


Finally opened an Online Store that will cater Brand New & Pre Loved Stuff from MY closet!