On The Edge


Piled in layers of leather and black - two things that are perfect when the temperature drops at nearly 22 degrees. When the wind is showing off how strong it can be, makes it difficult to take photos outside and the weather is as gloomy as it can get - seize the moment with layers. Just another day spent in the city filled with food and fashion shenanigans, away from my locals and the thought of Monday being such a drag again. On another note, get ready for perpetual black on black style posts because I am pretty sure you'll be seeing this a lot from me this season.

Outfit Details:
Leather Jacket from Topman | Top from Forever 21 | Necklace and Rings from Tequila Crafts 


  1. Black on black is edgey, powerful, and so so feminine. You go, girl.


  2. You are such a fashionista you look amazing in this outfit girl! xxxxx


  3. Love this outfit. You look great!! :)