Tesle's Wishlist at Dresslink

I've been so obsessed with online shopping lately and have discovered a few websites that offers (low cost) international shipping, one of them is the website Dresslink. I checked almost all of their items and everything is really cheap and affordable! And that is why I created my very own Dresslink Wishlist.

Wide Hats in Three Colors - I need all three!!! :(

There are so many things I'd love to purchase at Dresslink and I am so excited to do this collaboration with them because I've read some good reviews about their company. I am really a big fan of online shopping because 50% of my time is always spent on my computer (working) so it's a huge blessing for me to discover good shopping websites that will cater all my sartorial needs. Dresslink offers thousands of clothes for Women - and even for kids and babies! They also have accessories, bags, shoes, lingerie etc. And they have special offers like clothes that costs only 0.01$ JUST WOW. 

You can get a FREE 50$ Coupon when you sign up Here!

Enjoy Shopping at Dresslink!

Running in heels,
the Online Shopaholic


  1. These are amazing! I'm so in love with the oriental/tile prints so gorgeous! xxxxx


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