Tesle's Wishlist - Sherry London Dresses

I have always dreamed of becoming a Princess and living in a Castle just so I can wear pretty long dresses all day. Since I was a kid, my parents exposed me to watching fairy tales and reading Princess books and magazine which totally inspired me to become one. Ha! As if! Living in a small town, I find it weird to wear dresses in casual occasions. So whenever I have a new dress, I'd actually save it for a special occasion. Who's with me?? :D I bet some of you would do the same too. 

Photo from: Sherry London
For today's post I have decided to create a wishlist of dresses from Sherry London that I would love to wear someday! Perhaps, when I attend a Grand Ball at some Palace. LOL But for ladies out there who would love to wear beautiful and fine detailed dresses, hope this post would help you pick one! But remember that my theme here is Princess-y so if that's not really your peg, you can always choose a different dress since Sherry London offers a wide range of simple to fabulous dresses on their website.

So these are my top ten long dresses from Sherry London. To see more dresses from Sherry London visit their website. You'll see thousands of dresses that will surely fit your budget and your personality. 

Facebook Page: Sherry London

"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale of all"


  1. The embellishment on these dresses oh my gosh, to die for! xxxxx


  2. I agree!! The dresses are so beautiful!! :)

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