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Tips On How To Choose The Perfect Bag For You


One thing you may not know about me, I love bags! I had a portion of 18 bags on my 18th Birthday Party. My close family & friends always opt to get me bags instead of anything else because they know how much I love dressing up with cute bags. For me bags are also a way to show people your style & personality. I love, love, love the Instagram Shop @Saffiyah_Bags because they sell bags that are made in the Philippines. Proudly Pinoy! :) Here are a few tips on how to choose the perfect bag for you from Saffiyah Bags:

  • Choose your favorite color, but if you already have a bag in that color choose something else. Maybe something you can use in different events or something very neutral like light grey, beige, nude? Brown, perhaps? :) When choosing a bag, make sure that you will be able to use it for more than ten times so it'll be worth every penny. But no worries about the price because the items from Saffiyah Bags are very affordable and truly worth its price! ;)

  • Consider the purpose of each bag. I chose this Mary Jane (Taupe) because I know I can use it for school, date nights, and day outs. 

  • Create trendy outfits using each bag you buy from Saffiyah Bags. All of their designs are remarkable and the quality is really excellent.

Visit @Saffiyah_Bags on Instagram
Happy Shopping, Loves :*

Keep Your Cool


On casual days (meaning those days that I prefer not to be over dressed) I find an exceptional comfort in wearing off shoulder pieces to the point where I would opt to wear it to a night stroll at the park. In other news, I might just squeeze in a couple of blog posts for you guys to read while I indulge myself at the Senior's Retreat. Days without phone, away from social media and having inner peace sounds like a pretty good idea. Amidst all the fun that this kind of work has been giving me, I still want some me-time and to discover things I have yet to know about myself. I'll be entering the "real world" soon and aside from the never ending paper works, I am excited for the fact that I'll be doing these things for the last time.

Outfit Details:
Sunnies from Georgina Sasha | Top from Instagram Shop @Reystoreph | Shorts from Dresslink | Shoes from Taiwan | Bracelet from Summer Soul Gypsy

After walking at the park for an hour, I ended my night in a quiet cake shop inside the village.

Bridal Feature: Landybridal Wedding 2016


With over a thousand of wedding gowns offered by Landybridal, which one would you pick? Stand out in any occasion wearing the best and the most alluring fashion elements, the wedding dresses 2016 will surely catch your attention and exceed your highest expectation. Impress everyone with your stunning dress from their latest collection Wedding Dress UK 2016.

No worries for the Bridesmaid too, because you'll definitely enjoy picking out your dress from these gorgeous bridesmaid 2016 collection! :)

Happy Shopping, Ladies!

Royal Lancaster


My boyfriend and I enjoy eating out and trying new things together. Since we live in a small town, it's always good to discover new restaurants and cafes in a different city. Last week, I downloaded the OpenSnap application on my phone and started looking for new places to try. We don't normally eat at super fancy restaurants, so this date night was really special for the both of us. 

We had a scrumptious dinner at Royal Lancaster, the restaurant inside Lancaster Hotel Manila. It's a nice place with such accommodating staff with great service and happy smiles. :) There were also a duo who sang so beautifully that night, and everyone seemed to love and enjoy their performance. I asked them to sing my favorite song, Make you feel my love by Adele. They made my evening more enchanting when they sang it. The whole ambiance of the place was nice, it's the perfect combination of a home-y and comfortable vibe. Giles and I were able to talk, and spend quality time together over good food and good company (I'm talking about all the other friendly customers and staff who ALWAYS have a nice smile on their faces) Such a lovely evening.

The food was amazing too! I had waffles with bacon on the side (yes, I love having breakfast food for dinner!) and for Giles, it's a Lancaster Tower Burger. Of course we wouldn't wanna miss the chance of trying the famous Mojos. :) I also enjoyed the orange juice that came alongside with my breakfast meal. :p

OpenSnap is such a useful and convenient mobile application especially for a foodie like me who's always on the look out for new places to try! :) While using the OpenSnap application on my iPhone, I saw a lot of new restaurants and places who offer popular dishes and different cuisines. :) This is going to be a fun year for me and Giles since we discovered an easier way to locate the best restaurants in Pasig!

Make sure to try out OpenSnap and enjoy!! :) Remember, the food adventure is OUT THERE!!! :)
For more restaurants and food finds, download OpenSnap app from App Store or Google Play.

It's Bright Outside


I'm totally digging this casual day outfit that I've come up with in the form of a floral crop button down, a 90's inspired high waisted shorts, pair of sunnies matched with a nice pair of heels.

Outfit Details:
Sunnies from Georgina Sasha | Top from Paradise Treats | Shorts from Dresslink | Shoes from ZARA | Necklace from Happiness Boutique 

Bridal Feature: Pretty Wedding Must Haves

"Cinderella is a proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life"

On my Wedding day, one of my dreams is to wear a gorgeous pair of wedding shoes that'll take me to the aisle where the person that I love is waiting for me. So when I saw these beautiful wedding shoes collection from Modadress, I couldn't help but imagine myself walking with these swoon worthy wedding shoes! Every bride would look perfectly stunning in these pair of bridal shoes. From simple tones, vintage fabulous to glamorously sparkly - they have it! Every bride would want to have something splendid peeking out from underneath her breathtaking gown. So I have chosen three of my favorite from their wedding shoe list to show you guys a sample of their awe inspiring collection. Make sure to check out these cheap wedding shoes uk

And of course, no wedding is complete without the bride's pretty wedding gloves! http://www.modadress.co.uk/cheap-wedding-gloves-112680/ Wedding gloves are very stylish and elegant, it should match your personality and compliment your wedding dress as well. Brides must choose the perfect style for their wedding gloves, so it can match the overall look of the bridal attire. Just like the wedding shoes, wedding gloves also indicates softness, elegance and and grace.

Never Go Out of Style

Different generation, different trends. Who doesn't love to be stylish and fashionable? :) But being a student, sometimes it's hard to dress up because of the school dress code. There are certain restrictions that we need to follow. It is such a struggle to look for clothes that are both trendy and moderate to wear in school. I am so glad that I have stumbled upon the shopping website, Coco Fashion because they offer a wide range of back to school outfit and clothes that are perfect for students like me! Coco Fashion offers a dashing line up of Korean, Thai, Chinese, and Japanese clothing that can match and fit any style. I have chosen three clothes that's absolutely perfect to wear in school.

You can pair this Plaid blouse with a black skinny jeans

This Dark blue knit school girl sweater is totally perfect for the rainy season!

Matched with a white leggings, jeggings or skinny jeans, this Blue round neck school girl dress is super stylish and sophisticated!

There are a lot of clothes to choose from! Now I don't have to go to school wearing boring outfits anymore! :) I will never go out of style. ;) Look classy and become a fashion-forward student!

Color of Love


Red has always been the color of love. 



What I wore last Saturday at Gathergram

My Dream Home


Thinking about my future is both exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. The thought of having to leave my parents' house and trying to make a living for myself, gives me quite a panic attack. I've always wanted to move out though, and try to live by myself. Try to be independent. And now that I am graduating, I think it's the perfect time to look for possible places for me to live in. And that's where Property 24 come in handy, it's a website full of listings from different places here in the Philippines. It's so convenient to use and very user friendly. You can select if you want to see listings that are For Sale or For Rent. You can also select which type of house you want, how many bedrooms, how much your budget is and many more. I had so much fun searching for listings and dreaming about the beautiful places I can live in after graduation!! :)

First on my list is a one bedroom condominium in Ortigas. I've always wanted to live near SM Megamall, Podium and Shangrila Mall. It's the perfect place, it's in the middle of everything! :) Plus, I can live there with Giles so I don't have to pay the rent alone because it's near his office and it'll be easier for the both of us! :p

Second on my list is a fabulous condominium, the Hampton Gardens. I watched the full season of Kourtney and Khloe take the Hamptons and I figured maybe it's nice to live in Hampton. It's not really the place where the Kardashians spent their summer but it's a start, right?? :p

Third is a cute huge three bedroom condominium in Bonifacio Global City. Not only have I dreamed of living around BGC, but it has three bedrooms that I can share with my girl friends!!! :) That's like living in a Barbie House. I can imagine pink pillows, fur carpet, barbie frames and glamorous closet!! (Okay, someone pinch me now please)

A beautiful house in Nuvali is fourth on my list, who wouldn't want to live in Nuvali?? I THINK THAT EXPLAINS IT. No questions asked.

3 Bedroom House and Lot for Rent in Ridgeview Estates Nuvali

One of my dreams is to live in Cebu and experience a different kind of life. Somewhat a different culture, different places to visit and different food to try. A nice place with beautiful interiors, fresh air and good food? I'm sold! ;)

2 Bedroom Condominium in Cebu

I know I'm gonna have so much fun living alone and independently. It's a big responsibility that I know I should be ready for. :) Here are some perks of having my own place:

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure to check out Property 24 and find the perfect home you've been looking for! Property24.com.ph is the fastest growing property portal in the Philippines.  They provide an effective online platform for leading Real Estate Developers, Agencies and Brokers that allows them to showcase their property listings to a wider audience of qualified prospective Buyers.
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