Are you ready for GATHERGRAM?

the biggest Instagram meet up in the Metro!

Hey Loves!! :) It's time for you to drop the app and find your favorite followings on the map! Log off IG and get into GG this August 15-16 at the Metrotent, for a weekend of fun and uninterrupted insta-activity! From virtual to actual, Gathergram takes the instashops and instaidols you love and follow, all in one space for the biggest Instagram meet up in the metro! Bargain offline for shops online and get a chance to take home sweet deals, and snag stocks fresh out of the internet! Stop the stalk and take the talk to meet, greet or mix and mingle with the Instafamous personalities you can’t stop following! We’ll give you a double tap and get your hearts racing at Gathergram, where you'll find the best of food, furniture, fad, fitness and fashion all in one domain. Hosted by Mayday MNL, creators of Carousel Caravan, Gathergram will be an offline experience to remember! 

I cannot wait to meet you all!! :) See you at Gathergram!! 

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