What I wore last Saturday at Gathergram

I'm so happy to be a part of the Gathergram event. I was invited to be one of the Influencers/ Insta Idols. And I'm really proud that I was there to be a part of the biggest Instagram party in the Metro. I've also had the chance to mingle with all the other bloggers and influencers. I got to buy all the things that I've always wanted to have from my favorite Instagram shops. And the food was amazing too! I had so much fun checking out the bazaar, and the cute booths inside!

Outfit Details:
Hat from ZARA | Top from Uniqlo | Skirt from Dresslink | Purse from Zalora | Shoes from Taiwan | Necklace from Tequila Crafts  

Thank you Mariz for my 'platform sandals'

Thank you Dresslink for my cool leather skirt!

Thank you Gathergram for inviting me! Congratulations for a very successful event!
'Til the next!!! :)

Photos by: Beth Laurente

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