Bridal Feature: Pretty Wedding Must Haves

"Cinderella is a proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life"

On my Wedding day, one of my dreams is to wear a gorgeous pair of wedding shoes that'll take me to the aisle where the person that I love is waiting for me. So when I saw these beautiful wedding shoes collection from Modadress, I couldn't help but imagine myself walking with these swoon worthy wedding shoes! Every bride would look perfectly stunning in these pair of bridal shoes. From simple tones, vintage fabulous to glamorously sparkly - they have it! Every bride would want to have something splendid peeking out from underneath her breathtaking gown. So I have chosen three of my favorite from their wedding shoe list to show you guys a sample of their awe inspiring collection. Make sure to check out these cheap wedding shoes uk

And of course, no wedding is complete without the bride's pretty wedding gloves! Wedding gloves are very stylish and elegant, it should match your personality and compliment your wedding dress as well. Brides must choose the perfect style for their wedding gloves, so it can match the overall look of the bridal attire. Just like the wedding shoes, wedding gloves also indicates softness, elegance and and grace.


  1. The lace glove is so beautiful, so romantic!

    Vanessa│Meili Journey

  2. These pieces are all so lovely! Obviously every bride should feel like they ca chose what they want to have for their ensemble, but I really think you've got to have something that you can see just a peak of, something stunning :)