Bridal Feature: Wedding Dress Wishlist from LandyBridal


Read my thoughts about Weddings and my Landy Bridal Wishlist!
I've always been the kind of girl with dreams and goals already planned and plotted on my mind. Growing up with a complete family and seeing my parents still happily married for about 24 years, marrying the love of my life has always been a part of my goals dreams. May it be simple or fabulous, who doesn't love weddings? I won't be denying the fact that seeing a beautiful wedding dress is one of the many reasons why I love attending weddings. The thought of walking down the aisle, and everyone looks at you like you're the most beautiful bride they've ever seen gives me goosebumps. My dream wedding involves a huge gorgeous garden, with beautiful and colorful flowers, pastel colored dresses and some indie music. I want it to be a perfect day filled with true and passionate love, contagious happiness that when all my family and friends go home they'd remember that true love still exists and there's so much to look forward to in life. I want them to feel as comfortable as possible, sharing drinks and laughter with everyone else. I want all of us to see the sunset, to feel the warm breeze, to smell the bittersweet scent of the flowers, sharing wonderful smiles and tight hugs. It would be such a perfect day that everyone can look back and it'll put a smile on their beautiful faces because they knew they had such a great time with the people who mean the world to them.

Wedding dresses are just as significant as having a groom! It doesn't matter if you want a simple one or a glamorous one, what's more important is how it'll make you feel as beautiful as possible. Remember that you are wearing the gorgeous dress for your husband to be, the love of your life, your future, your forever. I must say, I truly enjoyed picking out these breathtaking wedding dresses and I may or may have not imagined myself wearing all of them. Yes, all of them. :( They're all so beautiful and it'll be really hard to choose just one!! I'm simply blown away!! 

For those ladies, tying the knot soon (or in my case, IDK!) I hope this will help you pick the perfect dress for you. Landy Bridal offers a wide variety of stunning wedding dresses! You don't even have to worry about the cost because all of these are wedding dresses under $500!!! :) Get ready to be swooned by these cheap a line wedding dresses!!


  1. Gorgeous wedding dresses. I love the big ball gowns with long trains. Great picks