Tips On How To Choose The Perfect Bag For You


One thing you may not know about me, I love bags! I had a portion of 18 bags on my 18th Birthday Party. My close family & friends always opt to get me bags instead of anything else because they know how much I love dressing up with cute bags. For me bags are also a way to show people your style & personality. I love, love, love the Instagram Shop @Saffiyah_Bags because they sell bags that are made in the Philippines. Proudly Pinoy! :) Here are a few tips on how to choose the perfect bag for you from Saffiyah Bags:

  • Choose your favorite color, but if you already have a bag in that color choose something else. Maybe something you can use in different events or something very neutral like light grey, beige, nude? Brown, perhaps? :) When choosing a bag, make sure that you will be able to use it for more than ten times so it'll be worth every penny. But no worries about the price because the items from Saffiyah Bags are very affordable and truly worth its price! ;)

  • Consider the purpose of each bag. I chose this Mary Jane (Taupe) because I know I can use it for school, date nights, and day outs. 

  • Create trendy outfits using each bag you buy from Saffiyah Bags. All of their designs are remarkable and the quality is really excellent.

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Happy Shopping, Loves :*


  1. I keep saying I need more neutral bags. But always end up buying pink or some other bright color.

  2. Oh, that bag is so cute! I've always been a bag lady myself. I'm usually into a lot of the affordable designer bags, but have been obsessed with a lot of trendier ones lately! I agree that bags are a great way of showing your personality and sense of style.

  3. Love this bag! I prefer neutral colors but always trendy.