My 20th Birthday Celebration


My Birthday week didn't start as good as I expected it to be. There were a few obstacles that I had to conquer before I got to celebrate the best day of my year (so far!) Honestly, this is the simplest and happiest birthday I've ever had. The main plan was to have lunch at Vikings Megamall Branch with my boyfriend and my best friend. I was so happy that I got to eat a lot on my birthday! I love, love, love Vikings Buffet!!! If you've been reading my blog, you'd remember that Giles and I had lunch at Vikings too on my 19th birthday. ;) I'm gonna make it our annual birthday celebration! Ha! :D Anyway, after eating our hearts out, I asked them to play bowling with me and I also rented a Karaoke room for us! :) It was such a fun afternoon. Around 7 pm we headed home and waited for my close friends to come over because my parents prepared a simple dinner for us. I'm so happy that my closest friends were able to make it despite it being kind of last minute. After dinner, we ended the night with a bottle of wine, laughter and love. 

I'm now a part of the adult world and I'm no longer a teenager. I know that life has so much to offer me and I cannot wait for all my dreams to finally come true. My birthday celebration isn't grand or anything but I'm soooooo happy that I got to spend it with the people I love the most. Thank you so much to everyone who greeted me and remembered my special day. You guys are awesome!! I love you all! :)

The simple things in life seems more meaningful now.

Satchmi Mega Turns 1!


Free food, coffee, beer, music and fun at Satchmi's 1st Birthday last Saturday at Mega Fashion Hall! It's a great celebration for Satchmi's love for music and lifestyle. It's no surprise that the store was jam packed with customers and people wanting to celebrate with Satchmi's first birthday.

September Skin Care Haul


I was never the OC type when it comes to my face, I only use the products I've known for a very long time. I don't have a "regular" facial skin care technique unlike most girls my age. I just wash my face with facial foam or sometimes a soap, and I'm done! I used to have a lot of break outs before (freshmen year) and I never go to the Derma or have it checked by a professional. But since I've been putting make up and beauty products now, even on normal days because trust me, if I don't I'd look like a walking zombie (Oh sleepless nights!) I realized I should take care of my skin more because some make up products are actually harmful for your skin especially when you use it everyday. So to help my skin breathe and remove all the toxins and dirt, I go to my (first ever and favorite) Derma Clinic every week and I use good and trusted skin care products!

The Instagram shop: @Shop_MoreHere sent me these amazing skin care products that I have been using for a week now!! :) The results are ultimately visible in just a week! I feel like my skin is lighter, refreshed and revitalized! :)

I use this triple whitening soap for my face and neck, it contains minerals and vitamins that's good for your skin. It helps to nourish, lighten and rejuvenate your skin! :) Plus, it smells nice.

To use this Collagen Mask
Before you apply anything on your face,
  1. Wash your face with the whitening soap and water
  2. Using a teaspoon, pour your desire amount on a clean container
  3. Put 1 teaspoon of water on the powdered mask (Dilute)
  4. Using a brush, stir the mixture and apply it on your face. You may also use your fingertips, just make sure to apply it gently on your face.
  5. Let it dry for about 15-30 minutes
  6. Then rinse your face well with water

I put this sunblock gel before I put my make up on so it can protect my face from the sun and from dirt as well. :) It's such a good investment especially for people commuting everyday!! :)

For people with oily skin you can use this twice a week and for people with dry skin use it once a week only! :)

I do this at night before I go to bed, and after a week of using it (because I have oily skin, I do this twice a week!) and my skin doesn't get any negative reactions although I think my skin isn't the sensitive type, so make sure to ask your Derma first! :)

Make sure to check out @Shop_MoreHere on Instagram!

Confessions of An Online Shopaholic: Shopback


I've written and shared here on my blog how much I love shopping, online or not! :) And it's a big challenge to balance my spending, especially because I'm still a student and some of you are probably wondering how I'm able to spend most of my allowance on shopping and buying things online. In this post, I'm going to share my little secret. And no, it is not illegal! Hahahaha! It's just something that I've learned from reading too many Shopaholic articles online. I've discovered a way to get the best discounts and deals online on over 300 online stores. When you shop and purchase online through this website, they'll give you back a portion of your purchase!! Isn't that great or what?? :D (It's like someone's paying me to shop! LOL) gives you a cashback from the commission they get from the online stores. You can choose to cash out or transfer the "cashback" to your Paypal account. :) Everyone can get extra savings by using :) Go try it now and start shopping + earning just SIGN UP HERE! :* You will automatically get 300php on your account as a sign up bonus! ;) 

Shopback offers the best deals and discounts on Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Gadgets, Lifestyle and more!! :) My top favorites are of course, ZALORA, Ensogo, ASOS, EBAY, and Groupon!! So, what are you waiting for?? Are we gonna go shopping or what??! :)

Outfit Details:
Dress used as a vest from Paradise Treats | Black Top from Cotton On | High Waist Shorts from Dresslink | Shoes from ZARA | Bracelet from Instagram shop @thecreativesoulph

La Vie Est Belle


A simple Sunday outfit

Homecoming Dress Wishlist

When I see something nice on a website or perhaps an online store, I really love creating a mood board for it. Making a wish list is my way of sharing to people what I love about that store and the things that I would personally buy. Since you all know how much I adore Prom and Homecoming, here's another Wishlist of the cheap homecoming dresses from iHomecoming. I'm totally loving these unique and affordable dresses!

The theme I chose for this wishlist is Masquerade or Phantom of the Opera. I wanted to post something new, quite far from my usual Princess Fairytale wish list theme. ;) Hope you guys like it!

 These dresses are so beautiful and perfect for Prom and Homecoming! :)

 iHomecoming is an online store with affordable homecoming dresses that can make every girl become the star of the night. How I wish I could attend Prom again!!!! :(



For girls with a big appetite (like me!) it is so important to exercise and eat healthy food. Clean living for me means, eating low carb food, replacing junk food with fruits and doing cardio and ab work out twice a week! Running on the treadmill, doing sit ups and planking is the best way to get the body I've always wanted to achieve. 

I also take my outfit photos during Saturday & Sunday so I have something to post for my blog for the rest of the week. It's a lot easier to wear different clothes especially dresses, skirts and shorts because I use Betadine Feminine Wash. Not only can it protect and kill bacteria, it can also make you feel fresh, comfortable and super clean all day!! :) I'm proud to say that I use Betadine Feminine Wash twice a week, it is like a medicine for your feminine area, it cleans and protects it from bacteria and germs especially on your red days. It is super convenient and really hygienic because it can also help with itchiness down there and can help protect you from irritation and infection. 

#SexyCleanRevolution #IDoItTwiceAWeek #BETADINEFeminineWash

Betadine Feminine Wash is the most prescribed feminine wash of doctors because it helps protect women from common germs and bacteria which causes irritation and infection. It can also help lessen odor during red days for extra sexiness! :) hihi! Because feeling confident and pleasant starts from within, Betadine Feminine Wash aims to help women like me to be comfortable with their own skin. :)

Now I feel more confident and sexy, less irritated and most of all happy!!

Join the Sexy Revolution and try Betadine Feminine Wash too, do it twice a week! ;) 
Remember, Clean is the new sexy! :*

That Girl