Confessions of An Online Shopaholic: Shopback

I've written and shared here on my blog how much I love shopping, online or not! :) And it's a big challenge to balance my spending, especially because I'm still a student and some of you are probably wondering how I'm able to spend most of my allowance on shopping and buying things online. In this post, I'm going to share my little secret. And no, it is not illegal! Hahahaha! It's just something that I've learned from reading too many Shopaholic articles online. I've discovered a way to get the best discounts and deals online on over 300 online stores. When you shop and purchase online through this website, they'll give you back a portion of your purchase!! Isn't that great or what?? :D (It's like someone's paying me to shop! LOL) gives you a cashback from the commission they get from the online stores. You can choose to cash out or transfer the "cashback" to your Paypal account. :) Everyone can get extra savings by using :) Go try it now and start shopping + earning just SIGN UP HERE! :* You will automatically get 300php on your account as a sign up bonus! ;) 

Shopback offers the best deals and discounts on Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Gadgets, Lifestyle and more!! :) My top favorites are of course, ZALORA, Ensogo, ASOS, EBAY, and Groupon!! So, what are you waiting for?? Are we gonna go shopping or what??! :)

Outfit Details:
Dress used as a vest from Paradise Treats | Black Top from Cotton On | High Waist Shorts from Dresslink | Shoes from ZARA | Bracelet from Instagram shop @thecreativesoulph


  1. This is such a helpful site, thank you for letting us know about it dear! Love the vest by the way! xxxxxx

  2. Love that you've used the dress as a vest! The pattern is lovely!

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  3. Thanks for the info. Love your dress as a vest!

  4. Great idea! I hope there is something like in Europe too! :)

    You look cute! :)

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