La Vie Est Belle


A simple Sunday outfit

There are certain things in our life, that no matter how hard we try to hold onto it, we tend to lose it one way or another. It may be difficult to deal with, but it's harder to lose yourself on the process of holding on. Sometimes, it's better for us to let go of the things that hurt so we can finally make room for the greater things that are coming. It's quite heroic, to be the one to let go, it's also quite dumb, to be the one to give up. It's just a matter of perspective. If you choose to look at the brighter side of life, then you won't regret the decisions that were made. But if you choose to look at the negative side, start pointing fingers, turning tables and blaming someone else for the mistakes you've done, that's when you show people you're the wrong one. We control our own happiness and there's always a next chapter to begin with.

Outfit Details:

Bow from Instagram shop @bowfactoryph | Necklace & Bracelet from Instagram shop @thecreativesoulph | Top from MANGO | Skirt from Instagram shop @ParadiseTreats | Heels from

"Don't kill the flowers growing inside of you for someone who doesn't appreciate the way you bloom"

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