That Girl

Many people ask me why I started blogging and how I continue to do so despite the million things I should be prioritizing at age 20. Unlike most girls my age, I've always kept a certain goal in my mind that I have so keenly preserved and I wanted to dedicate as much time as I have to achieve that goal. I have done a lot of things before, just like a normal teenager, I've had my fair share of awkward moments and having the frustration of figuring out what I want to do in my life. But of course, age comes with maturity. Regardless of the countless times I've had my heart broken and my dreams being shattered, I knew I have to continue working on myself and the goals I have dearly kept inside my heart.

More often than not, I see myself writing on my notebook scribbling my feelings instead of writing it here on my blog. Few years back, I've only used this blog to post everything that comes to my mind. Releasing the inner Jenna Hamilton in me. But as time goes by, I've been so dedicated to post more and put happy thoughts instead of writing pitiful and poignant posts. I am now more inclined with sharing inspirations and doing things that I love. I am hoping that my passion to write and my passion to share would be beneficial for you as much it is for me.

Blogging is a hobby that I truly enjoy, it is something that I am truly impassioned about. It may not be as glamorous as you think it should be, but this is all I've got now and improving and making things better is up to me. And only me. :) That goes out for you guys as well. If you know who you are, stick to it no matter what. Because the real challenge in life is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else.

Outfit Details:
Kimono from Instagram Shop @reystoreph | Top from Instagram Shop @ParadiseTreats | Skirt from Georgina Sasha | Bow from Instagram Shop @bowfactoryph | Shoes from Wholesale7 | Bracelet from Summer Soul Gypsy


  1. Hehe, I love reading about your inner Jenna Hamilton! You have such a lovely way with words and I really love everything that you post about! Also, looking fabulous dear! xxxxx

  2. Such a cute outfit. Love the softness of it and the vivid color of the top.

  3. Love that outfit! Love the sweet soft colours and how good you look wearing them! Love the white high heels too! :)

    And I agree completely! If you enjoy what you're doing.. then that's what you should be doing! And it's great to hear that you have set goals.. because that means you have something to look forward to.. even when the blogging might become a bit more of a grind. Those moments always happen, but if you truly enjoy blogging and have goals in mind.. then nothing can go wrong! :)

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  4. Good for you for always knowing what you want and what you have to do to achieve them! Keep being you and doing what you love :)

    That outfit is gorgeous and those perfectly white shoes are mesmerizing.

  5. Very pretty look! :)