My New Bestie, Vita-E

Aside from my laptop and my mobile phone, I have another best friend that I always bring with me. Let me introduce to you, the Vita E from ATC Health Care PH. :)

Vita E is actually a food supplement and it contains 400 IU of Vitamin E that works wonder on your skin. It helps strengthen your cells to give you an effortless glowing skin. Since the nature of my work requires me to stay up late almost every night, and I am still attending college as well, it is quite difficult to keep myself healthy (and sane) for that matter. My daily grind includes attending classes, writing articles, making blog posts, constructing case study, doing my research study, date nights with my boyfriend, doing school works and extra gigs as a freelancer - all of these results to one thing, STRESS. A lot of it! And lately I've been really sick, I've had colds most days and I've been having a bad fever every now and then as well. And as a cherry on top my skin looks really dull and dry too!! I asked my Dermatologist about it and she told me that most often than not, our skin looks dry and dull because we are unhealthy on the inside. Our cells needs to be nourished too so it can produce the good stuff and it will reflect on our skin.

What most of us doesn't know is that the stressors around us causes free radicals that our cells have to battle with everyday. And when those free radicals win over that's when our skin becomes undernourished and we also get weaker that makes viruses and diseases easier to attack us. But luckily, we don't have to worry about that anymore. Because my new best friend, Vita E has the power to help keep us healthy and nourished everyday. It also helps prevent harmful cells that may develop stroke and cancer. The antioxidants that it contains are absolutely essential for the maintenance of our healthy skin by protecting it from UV induced damage. Vita E can give us an all around protection for a health immune system and it also works from the inside to make us feel and look great everyday! :)

The packaging is really cute and girly! :) I can bring it anywhere so I don't forget to drink once a day!
Try it now and have that effortless beauty & the healthiest body!

Vita E costs 14php per soft gel capsule and it's available at Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide.

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  1. This sounds really interesting, I'll be looking into it! xxxxx