Sweater Weather


The ber months have officially kicked in and I couldn't be happier. Despite the bad colds that I've been experiencing lately, I am so happy that the sweater weather is back. It's times like these that it's totally understandable to hit the snooze button of your alarm and snuggle in bed for a few more minutes before you have to get up and face reality again - or in my case, school. I've stopped working for a few weeks now since I'm putting all my time and energy for school work and activities. It's not so long 'til I leave it all behind me and face a bigger and more challenging world - adult world

Like every other normal human being, I always try to find ways to make my daily grind a little less insane by indulging on fast food, splurging on overpriced coffee and binge eating and watching On the Wings of Love (my guilty pleasure!) Times like these, I truly enjoy wearing something as comfy as my pajama. And what's a better replacement for that? A sweater. On a special note, this one is actually  my new favorite, since it's been given to me as a gift from the boyfriend.

Outfit Details:

Sweater from Forever 21 | Necklace from Happiness Boutique | Holographic Purse from Zalora | Pants from Forever 21 | Shoes from Wholesale7.net

Seize the weather


  1. Gorgeous look, love the side split in the sweater! xxxxx


  2. Love the sweater!!! So cute! Great outfit!! :)

  3. I adore this bag! Beautiful outfit :)