Tech-y Tesle Diaries #1: ASUS Chromebook C200


Here's a little 'ice breaker' from all that Style posts! It's gonna be my first time to review a gadget and it's my very own best friend........ My lappytoppy!! :) 

I got this laptop from Lazada, a few months back when my old laptop died and I had to do my thesis and my blogging gigs were left hanging as well. I kept telling my dad to get me a new one because the old laptop kept crashing and I just couldn't use it anymore. A couple of nights after my social media ranting and whining on my parents about it, I saw a deal in Lazada that made my dad agree to buy me a new laptop!

I was NEVER the tech-y type and I literally suck at choosing the specs and all that. But this time, I wanted to have something that's perfect for my line of work. And luckily, I found this ASUS Chromebook C200 on Sale at Lazada!! :) I really think (and believe) that it was meant to be, that this laptop is meant for me. Because it caters everything that I need, from blogging, to transferring files, Google Drive and all the good stuff that a student/blogger like me needs! :)

So tonight, I will share to all of you my lovely friends, what I love about this Asus Chromebook C200. :) 

Let's talk about the Style and Look first. :p

The 11.6" size of this laptop makes it look like a high end one, unlike the small netbook that I used before. I like the style of my Chromebook better, I think it's really simple and sophisticated! The keyboard is superb, it definitely looks fabulous (in a gadget way). The back cover is sleek and a little glossy which by the way is totally fine with me! :) It isn't a touch screen kind of laptop and the image quality and viewing angles are just normal but it's good enough for me. 

For the specs of this Chromebook, since it uses a Chrome OS it's more convenient for me (and my blog on that note) because it uses Google as it's engine. Some applications though, aren't available unless you download it from the Web Store, which  by the way is so cool because I get to download themes, games and other android apps for FREE (or most of them are :D) It also has a built in webcam with a 720p display which I rarely use. But I will also attach a sample photo that I took using the webcam so you guys can see the resolution. Performance wise, it's alright. It works fine for me and I've talked to another girl who also bought this model from Lazada and she liked it too! :) It's seriously very easy to use.

There's also a 2.0 usb port and a 3.0 usb port + an HDMI port (that I use for school presentations etc.) and an SD card slot (that I haven't tried yet). The touchpad is cute also, it's easier to move around and there are some hand gestures on the touchpad that you can use to move or close apps and stuff like that. :D The speaker is superb too! :) it works really good and the audio has high quality, perfect for watching my favorite movies and TV shows. ;) 

And the best part is.... It has a long battery life!!! :) I can use it all day and I only have to charge it once (from almost empty to full battery). 

I hope by now you already notice how much I love this Chromebook, all its features and the things that I can do with it are super convenient!

Here's the sample photo taken using the built in webcam. :)

ASUS was right, it's fast, stylish and simple. I LOVE IT.

For more information about this Asus Chromebook C200 you can CLICK HERE!

That's it for the Tech-y Tesle Diaries #1

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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