Tesle's Wishlist: Short Prom Dress


I have been so busy and I didn't notice that I wasn't able to post much on my blog. And to make it up to you guys, here's a new list that'll help you choose the best prom dress for your Winter Dance, Spring Fling Dance, Junior Senior Prom & etc. :) You guys should know by now that I love making lists! So here's my Pastel themed Short Prom Dresses list from  Landybridal ! Enjoy! :*

The last one is my favorite, I love the color white and it's actually something that I would wear if ever I get invited to attend a prom or a dance night. Or maybe I'll wear it on my Graduation day. :) It's so beautiful, simple and elegant.

Have a great week everyone! Stay tuned for more posts!! :* I love you all! Don't forget to check out Landybridal  for gorgeous short prom dresses! 

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