Christmas Wishlist from Dressgal

Christmas is right around the corner and as we hear the bells and smell the fruitful events that this month will bring, here's another wishlist I made for you guys to know the best and most affordable items you can buy from Dressgal this Christmas Season! Enjoy shopping!!! :)

Wonderful Fairytale


Job Opportunity at Ortigas & Company!


For interested applicants please send your resume at :) 
Great opportunity awaits so don't miss this once in a lifetime chance!

Open for Philippines residents only. :) Email me for more information!

Bridal Feature: Vintage Wedding Dresses from Landybridal


I am so in love with wedding dresses (if it isn't obvious yet! LOL) Vintage is another theme that I consider on my wedding. It's something that I've always imagined doing because it's a classic and it never goes out of style. And because my family is the traditional kind, I think it'd be better if I choose vintage as the theme for my wedding because it is simple and resplendent in a way. Though I'm not getting married anytime soon (just to clear things out) I just love making lists and talking about Weddings! ;)

For this list, I chose five vintage lace wedding dresses that I totally want to own one day. It would be really nice to wear one of these wedding dresses someday (at the right time, right age & right man). These dresses from Landybridal are quite unique in their own ways and the designs are kind of refreshing.

Don't you just love seeing pieces that are ON SALE?? :) I mean, SALE makes me really happy! And Landybridal is having a SALE so for all the future brides out there, make sure to check out Landybridal because their collection of wedding dresses 2016 are really worth its price.

Bridal Feature: Beach Wedding Dress from Cocomelody


I am back with my top picks for beach wedding dresses that would be perfect for any girl's dream wedding. I chose three dresses that I would love to wear on my own wedding. These dresses are equally gorgeous and it's really hard to pick just one! So I chose three! :) Since my chosen theme for this bridal feature is for a beach wedding I picked pearl white and flowy dresses that would definitely look lovely when worn on a beach wedding. My very own idea for a beach wedding has neutral colors like brown and nude with a hint of baby pink to make it extra soft and romantic.

Cocomelody launched their new set of 2016 wedding dresses that would make every bride look adorable and captivating. The dresses on their online store are all very appealing and versatile. They have different wedding dresses that would match your personality.

And these are my top picks for the beach wedding inspired dresses. Hope you like them and make sure to visit Cocomelody website and you might find something that you like! :)

Sheath-Column Queen Anne Empire Waist Sweep-Brush Train Chiffon Wedding Dress

Sheath-Column V-Neck Natural Train Tulle Ivory Sleeveless Open Back Wedding Dress with Sashes

Sheath-Column Square Natural Train Tulle Ivory Cap Sleeve Zipper Wedding Dress

They have on going Sale so make sure to check it out because it'll be really worth it!! :) With a minimum purchase of $200 you get to save $20, spend $300 and you'll save $40 and if you buy from their store with the total amount of $400 you will be able to save $60! :) Isn't that great? Drop by Cocomelody now and enjoy the discounts!


Hey Loves! I am so excited to share to all of you the new segment that I've been working on called #TesleSnaps! It'll be a series of video clips about my day or random moments and whatnot. I hope you guys would support me and I hope you'll enjoy watching short clips of my craziness. :)

Here's a peek of my #TesleSnaps:

Please don't forget to subscribe on my Youtube channel too! :* Thank you so much!

Disclaimer: I will be using songs from various artists for my background music and I'll always indicate it on the end of the video to acknowledge the rightful owners of the songs and to promote it as well. :) Negativity is not allowed! :*

My Belkin Wishlist


Here I am again with my obsession of making wishlists! :) This time there's a big twist because this wishlist is about Belkin! I'm pretty sure you guys heard about their amazing products. I truly admire the quality of their items and it would really be a dream come true for me to have all these items from my wishlist. Not only because they're so cool but because I honestly need them in my life. I really think these products are worth my money because they help improve my daily life as a student and as a blogger as well.

So if you're thinking of what to get me for Christmas, no need to worry because these babies would definitely make my holiday season more festive! ;)

Here's my TOP FIVE most wanted Belkin products, I hope you'll like them as much as I do! :)

I'm really OC with my things and one of the reasons why I always want to have a spare mobile cable is because I've broken a lot of my cables before. I honestly don't know how or why but it just happens. So it's really a big deal for me to have a spare that I can use anytime. It would really be a life saver to have this lightning cable with me all the time because I badly need my phone to be active and working every time. Plus, I love the color gold! It looks so classy and presentable! :)

Even though I still have my USB wall charger, it's still important for me to have a spare that I can bring with me anywhere. It's easy to bring a power bank, yes. But there's still a great relief when I know I have my USB wall charger with me. It's easier to charge and it's always going to be a few times faster to charge than my power bank. Plus points because it's gold!!! ;)

I'm really awful with directions so this navigation mount would be a big help! Since it's so hard to drive and look at your phone for directions at the same time (and it's risky also!) I think everyone should have a navigation mount inside their cars. Plus I can also use it for selfies inside the car! Ha! ;)

Belkin iPad Keyboard (Php: 4,990)
Because it's such a hassle to bring my huge laptop with me everyday, it's perfect to have this iPad Keyboard that I can connect to my iPad so I can use it as a laptop as well. I can blog, write/answer emails and chat with my friends as easy as pie!

Belkin Car Charger (Php: 1,190)
I need this charger in my life because almost 20% of my life is spent inside the car due to traffic and because my work is so far away from home. It would be great to have my phone charged inside the car.

So that's it for my Belkin products wishlist. Make sure to check out Belkin PH by MacPower and I'm sure you'll find something that can be useful for your everyday needs too! :)

All the love,

Utmost Comfort


Due to traffic & sleep deprivation, I had to contemplate on things that would help me get my motivation back before I thoroughly shove it to the trash. And what better way to do it than to dress up as comfy and as pleasant as possible. Lately I've done nothing but work and my body seems to be craving for things that can give the utmost comfort. Oh. The effortless feeling that a huge cardigan can give you. The warmth that brings safety and sanctuary. And to make this outfit look soft and serene, I paired it with my favorite white pointy toe heels. What do you think?

Outfit Details:
Sweater from H&M | Black Romper from Forever 21 | Pointy Heels from

Spectre 007 Special Screening


I was invited by my Sister Secrets family to be a part of the special movie screening of Spectre 007 at Resorts World Manila. :) I had so much fun because there were raffles before the movie started (although I didn't win anything) I'm still very happy that I was a part of such an amazing event. There were lots of sponsors and the movie house were star studded, I was introduced to the beautiful Petra Halimuyak/Ashley Rivera and I even bumped to other social media influencers. 

The movie was great, action filled and with a twist of romance! I don't want to be a spoiler but if I were to recommend  good movies this 2015, Spectre 007 will be on my list! :)

Giles is a big fan of James Bond movies and he was really impressed and happy! We looooove, love, love Resorts World Manila Cinema too!! :)

After the movie there were freebies waiting for everyone outside. Movie ticket holders also enjoyed the photobooth and other exciting games! :) It was such a fun experience and I can't wait for the Hunger Games Part 2 & Star Wars!

Get your tickets now at

Ps. I'm only blogging through my phone. Thank God for smartphones!

Special Screening: Spectre 007 x Sister Secrets


Hi Loves!! :) I have amazing news for everyone! Sister Secrets is inviting you to the special movie block screening of Spectre 007 at Resorts World Manila on November 7, 2015 at 5:00pm! :) Tickets can be purchased HERE for only 400php instead of the regular rate of 500php. :)

Not only that, you can also enjoy fun games and freebies from our lovely sponsors! You can buy the vouchers (as many as you want) at the Sister Secrets website and pay through the convenient payment methods that we offer.

Can't wait to meet you all there!

Featured Online Store: Dress.PH


Black Backless Short Sleeves Dress For Cocktail Party

My favorite go-to outfit for special occasions are cocktail dresses matched with a nice pair of shoes and splendid accessories. :)

For simple yet stunning styles, make sure to check out the casual dresses at!

Black Backless Short Sleeves Dress For Cocktail Party, with sizes: M, L, XL. The plus size wear is perfect for plus size womenwho wants to look and feel alluring and classy on any event!

Visit this link for more details about this classy black dress.

I am in love with its Back details and it's made of Polyester and it has the finest materials! This wonderful dress is available for a very affordable price!! :)

Wear this dress with a perfectly curled hair + beautiful make up and you're good to go! :)

Save as much as PHP3428 on this item by only paying PHP544 (86% Off)! This is originally sold at PHP3972. take delivery of payments through PayPal Verified Business. They assure you one hundred percent risk-free fee transaction. :) The items will be delivered within 3-7days via express shipping.

Further large rate reductions are provided with coupon codes. All you have to do is subscribe to their website!! :)