Bridal Feature: Vintage Wedding Dresses from Landybridal


I am so in love with wedding dresses (if it isn't obvious yet! LOL) Vintage is another theme that I consider on my wedding. It's something that I've always imagined doing because it's a classic and it never goes out of style. And because my family is the traditional kind, I think it'd be better if I choose vintage as the theme for my wedding because it is simple and resplendent in a way. Though I'm not getting married anytime soon (just to clear things out) I just love making lists and talking about Weddings! ;)

For this list, I chose five vintage lace wedding dresses that I totally want to own one day. It would be really nice to wear one of these wedding dresses someday (at the right time, right age & right man). These dresses from Landybridal are quite unique in their own ways and the designs are kind of refreshing.

Don't you just love seeing pieces that are ON SALE?? :) I mean, SALE makes me really happy! And Landybridal is having a SALE so for all the future brides out there, make sure to check out Landybridal because their collection of wedding dresses 2016 are really worth its price.


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