My Belkin Wishlist


Here I am again with my obsession of making wishlists! :) This time there's a big twist because this wishlist is about Belkin! I'm pretty sure you guys heard about their amazing products. I truly admire the quality of their items and it would really be a dream come true for me to have all these items from my wishlist. Not only because they're so cool but because I honestly need them in my life. I really think these products are worth my money because they help improve my daily life as a student and as a blogger as well.

So if you're thinking of what to get me for Christmas, no need to worry because these babies would definitely make my holiday season more festive! ;)

Here's my TOP FIVE most wanted Belkin products, I hope you'll like them as much as I do! :)

I'm really OC with my things and one of the reasons why I always want to have a spare mobile cable is because I've broken a lot of my cables before. I honestly don't know how or why but it just happens. So it's really a big deal for me to have a spare that I can use anytime. It would really be a life saver to have this lightning cable with me all the time because I badly need my phone to be active and working every time. Plus, I love the color gold! It looks so classy and presentable! :)

Even though I still have my USB wall charger, it's still important for me to have a spare that I can bring with me anywhere. It's easy to bring a power bank, yes. But there's still a great relief when I know I have my USB wall charger with me. It's easier to charge and it's always going to be a few times faster to charge than my power bank. Plus points because it's gold!!! ;)

I'm really awful with directions so this navigation mount would be a big help! Since it's so hard to drive and look at your phone for directions at the same time (and it's risky also!) I think everyone should have a navigation mount inside their cars. Plus I can also use it for selfies inside the car! Ha! ;)

Belkin iPad Keyboard (Php: 4,990)
Because it's such a hassle to bring my huge laptop with me everyday, it's perfect to have this iPad Keyboard that I can connect to my iPad so I can use it as a laptop as well. I can blog, write/answer emails and chat with my friends as easy as pie!

Belkin Car Charger (Php: 1,190)
I need this charger in my life because almost 20% of my life is spent inside the car due to traffic and because my work is so far away from home. It would be great to have my phone charged inside the car.

So that's it for my Belkin products wishlist. Make sure to check out Belkin PH by MacPower and I'm sure you'll find something that can be useful for your everyday needs too! :)

All the love,