Utmost Comfort


Due to traffic & sleep deprivation, I had to contemplate on things that would help me get my motivation back before I thoroughly shove it to the trash. And what better way to do it than to dress up as comfy and as pleasant as possible. Lately I've done nothing but work and my body seems to be craving for things that can give the utmost comfort. Oh. The effortless feeling that a huge cardigan can give you. The warmth that brings safety and sanctuary. And to make this outfit look soft and serene, I paired it with my favorite white pointy toe heels. What do you think?

Outfit Details:
Sweater from H&M | Black Romper from Forever 21 | Pointy Heels from Wholesale7.net


  1. I hate traffic. It is seriously the worst thing ever. You can't go wrong with the pointy heel though. :]

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  2. I wish my body were craving comfy clothing rather than sugar at the end of a work day (or work week), haha!


  3. That is seriously a cute outfit! :)

    And I can only applaud the choice of those gorgeous white high heels! :)

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