Ordinary People


On me: Top from ZARA Basics | Denim Shorts from MANGO | Bag from Louis Vuitton | Heels from Shoelaced MNL | Bracelet from Gucci

Whenever I have free time, I really try to bond with the people I love. At least once or twice a week, I visit my parents, see my friends and have a date with my boyfriend. It can be tough to work in a whole different city that I knew only a little about and totally different from the kind of city where I grew up but what inspires me is the thought that I am exploring this new city on my own, seeing new faces, new places and having my own little adventures everyday.

And since I am still adapting to a new environment, I always try to blend and fit to the new society which means less with the whole kikay outfits and more of the 'matured & adult'. It might finally (and officially) be the time I say goodbye to my colorful wardrobe but one thing's for sure, I'll never say goodbye to my pretty heels and wedges and it just might be a start of a whole new collection. ;)

I am totally going gaga with the new pair of heels that I got from Shoelaced MNL because they're so light and so easy to wear and walk around with. The sole is soft so I don't really get any blisters, I wear them all day and I can even run fast! Shoes (for me) are always a great investment (second to bags, of course!).


  1. It's getting so cold here it's really nice and refreshing to see people wearing shorts, haha! Your outfit is really cute, definitely some good choices for warmer weather in a city :)

    I love that you try to see your loved ones, despite living in different places. It takes a lot of commitment, but it's definitely worth it!


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