The Good in Goodbye


For almost half a year I have been struggling on meeting deadlines, working all day, overdosing on sweet treats, carrying one bag to another & running in heels amidst making my way up to the 15th floor. All of these and more have kept me from my blog & social media. If there's anything I learned this year, that would be actually living a life. A few baby steps really helped me along the way.

Whenever I think about all the things that life has put me through over the years, I couldn't help but wonder how I was able to conquer all of it. But it all leads me down to one thing - blogging. And I just don't think I'm ever going to stop. I may not be perfect at this craft yet, and I know that I'm never going to be. But just the thought that I've enjoyed this craft for too long gives me a euphoric sense of freedom. I've always considered this blog as my personal space and it will always remain as one. Everything I write is from me, and this is one thing that I'm most proud about.

Having readers/followers was just a bonus along the way. The most important thing for me about my blog is that, I get to enjoy it just for the love of writing. Just for the love of sharing my thoughts & my opinions. I started this blog as an outlet for my feelings, happy or sad I write it down here and it will remain the same.

I might have had my moment of being unmotivated and distracted but I'd like to believe that I'm back on track now and I am ready to face loads of work again. It's time to pop the little bubble I've made and to get out of the (comfiest zone I've ever had). It's time to take a couple of deep breaths again and make my dreams into reality. 

Thank you so much to everyone who stood by me and supported my blog all throughout! I will see you all in 2016! And I promise I have planned a lot of great things ahead! I am too excited to share more of me this coming 2016! :) Please do me a tiny favor and subscribe on my Youtube Channel

I love you all!


  1. Good luck with your Youtube Channel :)

    Aeriko @ The Reading Armchair

  2. Great outfit, you look stunning!! Thanks for sharing,

    Camy xx

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