The Perfect Balance

On me:
Black Dress from Mango | Necklace from H&M | Shoes from @ShoelacedMNL

When we say balance, it's just the right amount of everything in between. And it may be difficult to do it most often than not we still see ourselves trying just because it definitely is the right thing to do. But when life gets tougher, the wind takes us into the hardest weather we can endure and the waves carry us into the deepest part of the ocean where we can only sink.. In other words, life gets busy and everything is just really really hard to handle. In all honesty, juggling the life as a recruitment staff in a real estate company, finishing my last subjects in college and well, being a blogger, a daughter, a friend and a girlfriend can be extremely exhausting. Given the fact that I only get 5-6 hours of sleep because I need to respond to emails, call lots of people, do my research, write on my blog, take photos (which I mostly do before I go to work and while waiting for the car to arrive. I must tell 'ya it saves a lot of time since I don't get to schedule my photo shoots anymore) spend time with my family, go on dates with my boyfriend, hang out with my friends, do my school works and basically everything else. People told me that eventually I had to give up one or two things along the way since it's really a challenge to do everything all at once. But I'm not really sure whether that's a good idea or not. I mean, I love everything that I do and I always put my heart into all the tasks that I need to work on. I am actually enjoying it, half of it was because of the fact that I work in Greenhills and I truly enjoy everything there. The food, the crowd, the people I work with and the whole environment is just really overwhelming. Plus I get to wear cute outfits everyday. (No more school dress code!) But of course, I still have to abide with the office dress code but it's not really that strict.

Sometimes when I'm alone, I contemplate on how I'm able to do all these things.. And it makes me realize that if you really want to do something, you'll find a way to do it. No matter how hard, no matter how tough it may be. It's a struggle, really. But because I know in my heart that I love what I'm doing and I know in my heart that this is the kind of life I've always pictured myself to be in, everything else just flows smoothly. With a positive heart and a positive mind, nothing is impossible. And of course, a short prayer in the morning doesn't hurt! Plus a gorgeous pair of heels to wear everyday is always a good idea as well!

Until the next one!



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