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This is a question I've been asked countless of times. I love answering it every time and explaining to people what kind of a blogger I really am. As you all know I've started out as a Fashion blogger, because I only post my outfit photos here and where I got the clothes that I'm wearing etc. But life happened and I shifted from being a Personal Style blogger to a Lifestyle blogger.

A lifestyle blogger (in my opinion) is someone who writes/blogs about everything under the sun. (Just like me! :D) I know that it's kind of confusing because I post outfit photos more than I post things about my life. But on my defense, fashion is a part of my lifestyle so therefore I should really blog about it.

You may have noticed that I often post about wishlists and other stuff too like restaurant/food reviews, where to shop, beauty tutorials and whatnot.

So basically, I just blog about my whole life. Fitness, romance and life experiences - included.

Photos by Fern Malilin

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  1. Lifestyle blogging is the best blogging!Amazing post and great photos!xx

  2. I dont understand why everyone feels the need to put a label on the blog anyway. I blog about everything that interest me, simple as that.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  3. The best of all is write about the things you love or you are interested in. This is the best blogging.