Travel Bucketlist 2016

I have always wanted to travel and see the beauty of the world especially now that Giles & I are in the right age to be able to go to places and have our little vacations away from the city. I never got the chance to travel as much as I wanted to before because school has always been my priority and work came along the way too so it was hard for me to just leave as much as I'd like to.

But now that I am almost finished with school, the only thing I want to do is travel. I have so much on my list which I am hoping I'd be able to pursue at the end of the year. I know that this might be impossible since I can't just travel for the whole year, right. But who says you can't dream big? :)

Anyway, here's the top 5 travel destinations I'd like to visit this year and hopefully I'd really be able to travel with Giles (or my brother :D).

1. Auckland, New Zealand - First on my list, of course. Since my Grandmother lives there along with my Auntie's family, I have always wanted to gooooo!! Here are some of the places I'd like to see and do when I visit New Zealand.
  • Auckland Art Gallery - because hello? Art is everything!
  • Auckland Harbour Bridge
  • Take a panorama selfie in the Sky Tower
  • Visit a farm & milk a sheep by hand
  • Learn how to speak Maori
  • See Lake Wanaka & Lake Tekapo
  • OOTD Photo shoot at the Hamilton Gardens - duh? :))
2. EL NIDO, Palawan - I've been to Palawan before but it was in Puerto Princesa. I heard so many good reviews about El Nido and Giles haven't been so I want to take him there.
  • Marina Garden Beach Resort looks nice in photos, I'd definitely want to see if the place is nice in real life as well. :)
  • Food trip - El Nido Boutique & Art Cafe
  • Go Island Hopping & swim of course
  • Take a selfie in Matinloc Shrine
  • Visit the twin beach & Nagkalit kalit Falls
  • Surf at Mike's Point
  • Catch the beautiful sunset & relax
3. Asian Tri - City Tour 
  • Visit Malaysia for a day
  • Visit Singapore for two days
  • Visit Indonesia for a day
  • Enjoy Universal Studios
  • Learn a bit about the culture of the three countries
  • Try street food of each country
  • OOTD Photos in each country
  • & of course take couple photos with Giles

4. Baguio - Yes, some of you may have been reading my blog for quite some time and you guys probably know that I visited Baguio just last year. :D I love Baguio and it's always going to be on my bucket list! I went there with my family last year but this time I'm hoping to bring Giles with me instead & maybe a couple of my friends too. I want to visit the places I never got the chance to see before!
  • Cafe by the Ruins - first & foremost I wanna try the food here!!! :p Giles will probably agree with me because he LOVES breakfast food. 
  • Shopping Haul at the Ukay Ukay (Thrift Shops)
  • Have a romantic picnic at Burnham Park or Camp John Hay
  • Ride a horse!!!
  • Dinner at one of the restaurants in Session Road
  • Take an OOTD photo in the middle of the crowd in Session Road ;)
  • Visit Strawberry Farm & gather all the huge strawberries that I can get :D
  • Try Strawberry Taho again :p
  • Visit BenCab Museum - because again, art is everything
  • Have a relaxing massage
  • Shop Pasalubongs/Souvenirs in Good Shepherd 
  • Romantic walk at Burnham Park
5. Bohol - My mom just showed me earlier the beautiful resort where her friends stayed and it looks so amazing. I love to swim and I'd really love to see a whole different culture. Bohol is well known for its one of a kind spots & I'd really love to check 'em all out.
  • Try scuba diving for the first time ever in Balicasag
  • Have a wonderful boodle fight
  • See the Philippines Tarsiers!!!
  • Enjoy an afternoon at chART'S Art Cafe
  • Have a massage on the beach!!!
  • Talk to the locals & learn a bit about their culture
  • Visit the Virgin Island
  • Go Kayaking & Canoeing for the first time in foreveeeer
  • Go dolphin watching
  • Visit the underground lake in Coral Cave
  • Go river cruising
  • Food trip & try their best restaurants
  • Island hopping :)

Hopefully I'd be able to cross out this bucket list one by one this year!! :) I think I need to start looking for a job and start saving money for all my travel goals!! :)

What are your dream travel destinations? :) Share it with me & comment below! Would love to hear your travel plans for this year! Thanks for reading this blog post.



  1. Those sound like great places to travel! I hope you get to see at least one this year :)

    I am a bit less specific in my travel bucket list - countries rather than cities or resorts. But my top ones are probably the UK, Germany, Turkey, Sri Lanka, and Romania.


  2. Sounds like some great places to visit! I want to go to new Zealand so bad!