Adult World

As my college days are almost reaching to its end, every single morning while travelling to work, I always end up thinking and contemplating about the load of responsibilities I have now. Especially that I will soon enter the 'real world' - as my Dad would call it. I have started working ever since I put up this blog. There were blogging gigs here and there that really supported my shopping and food sprees but it is only now that I finally realized I'd have to start paying for everything on my own. It's just really overwhelming to think that I have to start taking care of myself and my future.

I have been extremely busy and my planner is filled with meeting schedules, photo shoot dates, events and plans until the end of April. It's funny because I always get a planner during my Birthday or Christmas but I rarely use them. Last year, I barely touched my planner but now, it's only Feb but I already have so many plans. Lately, it has been a struggle to balance school, work and play (???). Luckily, I have the best people in my life who keeps me sane despite all the stress I've been feeling. Trust me, it is not easy. NOT EASY AT ALL. But this is something that I have always wanted, the career, the buzz, the life, the perks and the downfall - everything that comes with it actually. This is my life and I am more inspired than ever.

No matter how scary it may seem, entering the Adult World really excites me. I am so excited and grateful for all the great things that are coming. (My favorite mantra LOL).

On me:

Choker necklace from Miss Selfridge | Blazer from ZARA | Denim Shorts from LNK Boutique | Flats from Cotton On 

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  1. It will all find a place. It for sure is overwhelming at first, but you will get used to it and figure it out.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking