Busy Days Deserve #LuxNights


So last Tuesday, the House of Lux opened its doors to the hardworking, independent & busy women of today. We all can't deny the fact that the Beyonce era has arrived a few years back and ever since, the modern women became more independent and capable of pushing themselves to the limits.

The new LUX Perfumed Bar Soap and Body Wash collection allows the twenty first century ladies to have their very own me time at the comfort of their homes. What's a better way to indulge after an ass long tiring day than to bathe with perfume? :) The new Lux collection will surely give the most luxurious indulgent treat that every woman deserve. 

The event itself was so relaxing and fun.

Solenn Heusaff together with Nicole Andersson, Apples Aberin & Kelsey Merritt discussed more about the new fabulous collection of LUX. They also talked about how women of today deserve to treat themselves not just once in a while but every night. And LUX made it possible for all of us, just by using Lux Perfumed Bar Soap or Body Wash, bathing with perfume can definitely give us the perfect pampering. 

These fine fragrances are crafted by Perfume Experts from New York, Paris & London. There are four magnificent scents to choose from: Magical Spell, Soft Touch, White Impress and Love Forever.

With the Brand Ambassador, Solenn Heusaff
Visit think LINK to see Solenn's online film showing us her 'Busy Days deserve #LUXNights'

My gorgeous fellow bloggers:
Ana Gonzales, Yuki Tansengco, Ruth de Leon

New found blogger friend, Megann Monday!

My twin, Aggy Nuguid

My new event partner, Ruth :)

Bathing on perfume is so easy! Just choose your preferred scent and follow these ritual:

  1. Pour a coin sized amount of LUX Body Wash on a bath puff.
  2. Rub the bath puff to form a luxurious lather
  3. Massage the bath puff all over your body to enjoy bathing with perfume. Appreciate the scent and indulge in a nice warm bath! :)

Thank you House of Lux for having me and showing me how to indulge every night.



  1. Hi dear! I saw you at the event, we are at the back table. Anyway, I tested the Magical Spell the night of the event and it is indeed smells like a perfume. :)


    1. Hi! Hoping to see you more often soon! :) I love the Magical Spell too!

  2. I love naman the black bottle, the one that lasts 12 hours daw! :)
    Nice to meet you at the event! <3

    1. Actually, I love all the scent! :) Nice to meet you too Ana!