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You're all probably shocked surprised with this blog post because I think this is the first time that I'm gonna be posting something about sports. I'm not really the sporty type though this one is an exception because I have always dreamed to play Katniss Everdeen just for a day. LOL (I know guys, don't judge me. I'm a huge fan of Hunger Games okay!) So anyway, I was invited by The Archery Academy to have an hour archery session and to bring a couple of friends with me. :) I brought my twin brother so someone could take my photos. Hahaha! I was gonna bring Giles with me too but he overslept and won't be able to make it on time for our appointment. Boo you Giles! :p 

The stairs were really tiring overwhelming and I was already exhausted by the time we reached the floor where The Archery Academy was located. They weren't joking when they posted these signs.... Consider yourself warned :D Hahaha but seriously though, it was a great work out. :)

Gio the archery instructor, welcomed us and he started discussing some pre cautions and how to properly shoot a target using the bow and arrow. :) The lesson lasted for about 20 minutes and then he let us shoot for 40 minutes. It was a good 1 hour session of Archery and I actually didn't want to stop.

I had a hard time at first but after a few tries I finally got the hang of it and I really enjoyed! My twin, who is also not sporty, surprisingly enjoyed it as well which goes to show that you don't have to be into sports to do this. :) If you just wanna try something new or been curious to do it then go!!! The instructors would be more than willing to teach and help you out.

The walls look amazing and perfect for different kinds of OOTDs.  :p 

HAHAHA lol not bad right :(

Thank you so much The Archery Academy for a fun archery session! :) They also have a summer program that you guys should try out! Just visit their Facebook Page for more info.

I also prepared a quick video for you guys to watch! :)
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Hope you guys have an amazing week!


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