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If you are an avid reader of this blog, you probably know by now that I have this obsession with online shopping. I love scrolling and looking at items every night before I go to bed and purchase them in the morning when I wake up. In that way, I can still decide if I really need want the items. (See Mom & Dad? I am a responsible adult who is responsible for her own actions/ I am not an impulsive shopper). Lately, I often look at international online websites/stores and I've been really wanting to buy some items that are unfortunately not available here in the Philippines. I always google the items that I want and check if they're finally available here in our country but they're either totally not available or it's available for a limited stock and always SOLD OUT. And the online shopaholic inside of me always feel disappointed whenever I don't get to buy the stuff that I want online just because they're not available here in the Philippines. :(

Luckily, Nuffnang announced that there is Galleon PH that allows us to buy items internationally. *YEHEY!!! Cue - tears of joy & some confetti* I immediately searched for the items I've been wanting to buy ever since and TA-DAH :) I found them on Galleon.PH

So here are the top 3 products that I will most certainly buy from Galleon PH

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit - I am not sure if this shade is available here in the Philippines, all I know is that they always have a limited stock for this contour kit and whenever I wanna buy, it's already SOLD OUT!!! I am so happy that Galleon.PH can now ship this item to my house via air or sea! ;) I am so obsessed with this contour kit, I've been watching so many Youtube tutorials and most of them uses this kit so I cannot wait to get my hands on this one!!! :)

Michael Kors Rhea Zip Small Backpack (Dusty Rose/Gold) - I saw a fashion blogger from Netherlands wearing this bag on Lookbook and I instantly fell in love with it!!! It's so unique and it is such an investment because I know that I can wear this on ANY day! I can use it everywhere and I feel immensely delighted (Oh yes, I am THAT happy. Don't judge me! LOL) that I can finally buy this bag! I never thought that I'd be able to find it because I've been searching for this everywhere. Good thing I thought about searching it on Galleon.PH and voila! I found it! :)

Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Small Hayden Top Handle Bag (Black/Pebble) - It has always been my dream to collect Kate Spade bags and now that I'm finally working and able to buy stuff without asking money from my parents, my dream can finally come true! And thanks to Galleon.PH for helping me achieve that dream! I saw this Kate Spade bag on their website and I am totally crazy about it! I've been to some Kate Spade stores here in Manila but I never see this design. :( I can still remember that night while writing my thesis, I was scrolling through the Kate Spade New York website and I was mesmerized by the beauty of this design. :( It's one of a kind. So classic and chic! I LOVE THIS BAG SO MUCH. And no wonder why this bag is currently out of stock, girls are going crazy over this bag!! I'm still waiting for the stock to replenish but I am already imagining my OOTDs that would perfectly match with this bag! :)

Galleon PH is now on top of my favorite online store list! :) It's really nice that the prices posted are all-inclusive and they take care of the shipping, customs and even the taxes! Awesome right? And they ship and can deliver your orders nationwide via air which takes about 6-12 business days only or via sea which takes about 35-40 business days. It's quite a long time especially if you are waiting for the products you've been wanting to have but I can definitely agree to the saying that good things come to those who wait. :)

I really commend Galleon PH for their excellent customer care service and because of their awesomeness, buying and shipping items that are not on their website can also be requested. :) So you don't need to worry about not finding the stuff you want on Galleon PH because you can contact the customer care service and request for that certain item that you want. :) They also have multiple payment methods which makes it more convenient to everyone, and my favorite part is the "Ship my item" feature wherein Galleon PH act as a PO box service but they only charge you the shipping fee on the item itself and not by the box. Now that is well timed and favorable for everyone! :)

And because the online shopaholic loves you all, my lovely readers. I would like to announce that you can get 10% coupons from today until March 1, 2016 just share this post on any of your social media accounts and tag me so I can see it then I will send you the coupon code that you can use make your first purchase on Galleon.PH :)

Visit the Galleon.PH website and start shopping!

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Have a lovely Saturday evening, my Lovies



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