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Slim - one word that is often used to describe me. I've always been the girl with a slim body structure and high stature. I guess for me, it's the genes (???) I used to eat a lot but lately I have been feeling a bit insecure because I'm gaining weight and I just can't stop eating. Some of you might find this a little OA but from 90 pounds to a 110 in just 7 months, that is really quite alarming. Even my parents are worried about it. So my friend Lea and I started searching for the best slimming products that can help us slim down a bit without having to work out every single day. I exercise from time to time but it's been really tough for me since I am pretty busy lately. I started posting questions on my social media accounts about the best way to get slimmer and I have been reading tons of product reviews and weighing the pros and cons of every product.

Of course I want a product that is both safe and effective. It's been a struggle to look for a product that caters my needs, and MySlim is one of the products that really caught my eye. mySlim is a slimming and detox drink that is clinically proven to promote safe and effective weight loss. It has a special Yerba Mate formulation that helps reduce the fat without shedding the lean muscle mass. It only burns the unwanted fats to make us fit and healthy. It also contains Carnipure which helps us reduce that "always hungry" feeling. (This is another struggle for me because I always eat when I'm bored even if I'm not really hungry!) mySlim was developed by one of the leading health and wellness product provider, Vida Nutriscience Incorporated. 

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  1. You look absolutely beautiful as always dear! xxxxx