Dell XPS 15 & Inspiron Press Launch


Yesterday, DELL Philippines introduced their latest innovations in their award-winning XPS and Inspiron line ups. Read more about the event and their cool new laptops!

I feel so honored to be one of the first few people who got to see and try these cool new devices from Dell Philippines. The press launch was held in Conti's Greenbelt 2 wherein a sumptuous buffet lunch was served along with the best cakes EVER. :p I truly admire DELL for being so innovative and determined to give us only the best devices with high performance and good quality laptops just like the XPS 15 and Inspiron 11 3000 series. These new devices have a 6th generation Intel Core processors and Windows 10 operating system which ensures an ultimate computing experience for every user.

I admit not being that good with technology, perhaps you can call me a "technoligically challenged" type of person because my knowledge with technology isn't that good plus I always panic whenever something happens with my laptop, phone or camera. But I tried these laptops yesterday and I was actually expecting for these laptops to be hard to use but they're not. Actually, they are pretty user friendly plus these laptops responds really fast.

I really want to have the Dell XPS 15 because I think it is perfect for me. Most of my days are spent on social media because of work and this will totally be a big help. It's the smallest 15 inch laptop on the planet and I can bring it ANYWHERE I go, whether I'm travelling away from home, going to events, hanging out with friends or if I just wanna work in a coffee shop or somewhere peaceful and quiet. I can literally just do all my work anywhere because it's super easy to carry around. Plus, it has a really sleek design which I am totally loving! :) And the touch screen feature is just really amazing! I've always wanted to own a laptop with a touch screen display.

Know more about the Dell XPS 15 & its features here.

Another device that was launched yesterday, the Inspiron 11 3000 series, an affordable and ultraportable laptop with vibrant color options. Its special features includes a vibrant HD (1366 x 768) and anti-glare LED Backlit display that provides crisp, bright images on screen and very easy to position for clear viewing. It has a durable and long battery life (up to 10 hours) and has a 500GB 5400 rpm hard drive. Now this one is ideal for people like me and other bloggers out there who's always on the go. The Inspiron 11 3000 series allows you to pick a color: Bali Blue, Tango Red or Alpine White - which I would really like to have soon! :p This one is more affordable than the other brands I've seen online, because it's features are really up to date and I have tried this one yesterday and I must say it is indeed worth its price.

For more information about the Inspiron 11 3000 series visit here.

Dell also have an On Site repair service wherein they'd help you fix anything just as long as it's still covered with your 1 year warranty service. On Site repair service means you just have to contact them if any problem occurs with your device regardless if it's high end device or not, they will assist you and go to your place and check the device themselves. :) Hassle free service right?

I've had such a great time, an afternoon filled with technology, innovation & information. Thank you Dell Philippines for having me! It's always fun to learn different things everyday. :)

PS. The food in Conti's Greenbelt 2 is absolutely amazing! I can't wait to go back!

And since I've been practicing my editing skills (as if! LOL) I created a Video Blog that I hope you guys will enjoy! Please give me a thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE on my Youtube Channel! :)

Here's the link to my Dell Press Launch Vlog

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