Marks & Spencer Women's Day Celebration


Happy International Women's Day!

Yesterday, Marks & Spencer celebrated International Women's Day with the beautiful guests who really took their time to share this wonderful day with M&S Greenbelt 5. :) The Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers, Mrs. Kelly Misa-Fernandez and Patty Laurel-Filart had a talk about the best staples that you can invest on and how to be a fashionista mom/working girl without having to sacrifice quality and comfort. It was indeed a fun evening filled with cocktails, canapes and more chikkahan!

Here are the sample clothes, shoes and bags from Marks & Spencer that Kelly and Patty showed us.

They mentioned that a basic white shirt is one of the most important piece of clothing that you should have in your closet because it's very versatile.

The gorgeous bloggers/moms also shared that if you want to be matipid but still look chic and trendy, you should have 80% basic clothes on your closet and the remaining 20% should be the "fun" clothes. :)

When it comes to finding the right jeans, Kelly & Patty mentioned that you should always fit it and make it a very personal moment. You can even dance and walk around inside the fitting room just to really feel if the pair of jeans is perfect for you.

And for choosing the right bag, we should always consider the proportion. And I can definitely relate to Kelly for having a tall and slim figure which makes her feel gigantic and huge sometimes so a medium to large sized bags are perfect for girls like me and Kelly. 

My twinnie, @AggyNuguid won a Marks & Spencer wine during the raffle! :) 

(L to R: Me, @AggyNuguid, @GelaBeef & @NinaNuguid) 

I had so much fun and I must say that this was such an amazing way to celebrate women's day. My mom was so happy with the cookies that I got from Marks & Spencer because we LOVE them and they gave me all my favorite cookies! Yay! Thank you so much Marks & Spencer for inviting me.

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Congratulations to these two lovely bloggers, Mrs. Kelly Misa-Fernandez and Mrs. Patty Laurel-Filart for a very successful talk which really empowered women of today. :)


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