Ready for the break!


Who's excited for the long weekend break? Me!!
I have been nothing but exhausted these past few weeks, in fact this was probably the most stressful month of my entire college life. I literally take naps every chance I get because damn, I ain't getting enough sleep at all!! It was definitely the hardest part of my life so far; struggling through passing the requirements, meeting deadlines, preparing for my final exam and hunting book binding stores all over the city. I am delightful that I am almost done with everything and I can finally sleep like a baby this whole week. Well, I still have to work but at least it won't be as stressful as the past weeks I've been through.

Today my mini-break started and I had to wake up early and have some much needed quality time with my brothers and our Grandpa (which I call "Papaw" on my Snapchat! LOL). We had lunch together, went to Greenhills Shopping Center (where I had my internship!!! :p) my Grandpa bought a few clothes, took us to Razon's for an afternoon snack and the rest of the afternoon I just window shopped because that's the only thing I can afford right now hahaha! (PS. I just bought a new camera! All for the love of blogging.) And I asked our Grandpa to drop me and my little brother off to a nearby mall so I can buy a new memory card with a larger memory capacity. :) My little brother and I had some snacks too before going home. And yes, I had potato corner again. Don't judge me. :P

I have been really obsessed with this turtle neck top. I've used it a lot of times, mainly because it's super Taylor Swift inspired. It is so easy to match with anything, I've paired it with jeans, skirt and even with a vest! I am really loving it. One of the pieces that you should definitely invest on. ;)

Top & Shorts from Glitteratee Co.
Sunnies from Close Up PH
Flats from Cotton On
Watch from Casio

All photos are taken using my Canon SX400 IS but I had no time to edit them so let me know if the photos are good even if I didn't edit them or nahhhh?? :)




  1. Honestly, you are very lovely to look at and nice on the eyes but black and white is one of those colors that is hard to pull off especially in atypical concrete jungle malls that are based on shades of pastels. The Black and White outfit just loses the central focus and is outshone by the pastels in these settings. Glad to hear you got Spring Break though. :) Everyone deserves and needs a break. Always look forward to reading your blog though, sometimes Im on the road and dont have time to read it but I get to them when I can :)

    1. Thank you so much for taking your time to read my post! :)