Bacchus PH Special Screening of Batman vs. Superman, Cafe Breton & Brasas Podium Mall
Giles and I were invited by my dearest blogger friend, Jamila Joyce Castillo of This Girl Does It All to attend the special screening of Batman vs. Superman organized by Bacchus Philippines at the Podium Mall. I was famished when we got there so we had late lunch at Cafe Breton before heading to the cinema.

They were giving out Bacchus Energy Drinks inside the cinema so Giles and I tried it just because we wanted to feel like Superman & Wonderwoman all through out the movie. :p #DriveYourEnergy

After the movie we had an early dinner at Brasas, a latin american street food restaurant. It was amazing! Perfect when you're really hungry and in dire need of huge meal servings with good flavor and unique taste.


I had such a great time watching the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice! Big thanks to Bacchus Philippines for having us! Thanks to my blogger friends Jamila & Krizia. :)

I also prepared a quick video blog for you guys, I hope you can watch it and please give me a thumbs up & SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube Channel! I'm still new to this video editing stuff so please bare with me. :) But I promise that the next videos would be better. (Hopefully!)

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! <3 p="">



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