Tesle's Top 5 Blogger Must Haves from Lazada Philippines


Here are my top 5 blogger must haves that you might wanna have too! :)

First on my list is a smart phone that is efficient and user friendly. I have been using an Apple iPhone for years now and I really find it convenient especially when I have to take photos using my phone, Apple iPhone has the best photo quality. I also need this to keep my social media accounts updated everyday. What I love about having a smart phone (Apple iPhone) is because I get to check and respond on personal and work emails with just the touch of my finger. Smart phone is a blogging necessity for me. And you can also use the iPhone for your flat lays and stuff like that so.. :D

Note: It always depend on your needs and I only put the Apple iPhone on my list because it is necessary FOR ME to have a phone like this. :)

Second on my list is a camera tripod stand. Sometimes it can be challenging if you don't have anyone to take your photos and it's just easier if you use a tripod. It is a life saver for bloggers like me who don't always have a photographer around especially when taking outfit photos. So this is definitely a must! Trust me, it'll make your blogging life easier if you have a tripod because you don't just get to take photos whenever and wherever you want, you also get clear and precised photos because the stand won't move by itself right? LOL :p

Third item, an SD card. Of course, if you are a blogger, this is also a must! You need to have extra SD cards for when you have an event and you forgot to transfer old files on your laptop and it's just so hassle to do it and stuff like that. You need to have a spare one for emergencies. Trust me, this happened to me a few times and it was so frustrating. I need lots of SD cards in my life. Just make sure to label them or something so you won't get confused.

On to the fourth item... A pocket wifi! Of course, my work as a blogger and as a media marketing consultant always requires me to stay online and keep myself updated with everything that's happening on the world of social media. I know lots of places nowadays have their own wifi but sometimes when the place is too crowded and everyone's connected to the wifi it can be frustrating - either the connection is super slow or it won't let you access the internet at all! (You feel me???) So having my very own pocket wifi is definitely a must! Especially because I like getting work done outside, like in a coffee shop, restaurants or even parks!

The last on my list is a cute and sturdy back pack where all my blogging essentials can fit into (my laptop, camera, notebook, planner, make up kit, snacks and etc.) This black back pack can also match most of my outfit since it's black and plain. It won't be hard to use this on different outfits. :P

So that's it for my top 5 blogger must haves! I really love online shopping and it's kind of my coping strategy whenever I'm feeling distress. I have been blogging about Lazada Philippines and they're actually my go-to online store because they have ALMOST everything that you need in life! For bloggers out there and for people who wanna try out blogging, I hope this list helped you get an idea of what you'll be needing for this amazing journey. :)

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