Tesle's Top 5 Design Picks from Luxxe Lifestyle

One thing that you guys don't know about me (YET) is that, I love interior design. I love styling my room and picking which colors to use and stuff like that. Basically, learning/studying interior design has been added to my list of things to do after graduation. And I am really hoping that I'd be able to achieve that soon. I've been watching Youtube videos about decorating your home or rooms and making them look more presentable and pleasing. And because I am obsessed with creating lists of the things I love here on my blog, I've created my top 5 design picks from Luxxe Lifestyle and the reasons why I love them. Hope you guys enjoy! :)

First on my list is this really simple and classic kitchen design. It looks so neat and well polished. I love the overall design because it's perfect for when you have kids and even if you're single and living alone too.

Next is this bedroom that Giles and I agreed to choose. Everything blends so well, it's so sophisticated and I'd really love to stay in here all day and binge watch my favorite TV series. :p There's also an area where I can  get my work done! :)

Now this one is what you call chic and stylish! This kitchen is so perfect for all the independent women out there living by themselves and making the most out of everything in life! Who run the world kitchen??? GIRLS!!! :)

And for the Modern Filipinas, this design immensely fits your lifestyle. Sleek and snazzy just like us! ;) Perfect for condominium units and urban apartments for the fashion forward women living in the city! (Ang lakas maka New York City Apartment!) 

And the last but not the least, this dashing and contemporary kitchen and dining room design. I am really in love with this design and I can totally imagine me and Giles living in a huge house with this kitchen and dining room. à la mode! :) It's absolutely perfect for couples!

I hope this helped you pick out the design you want from Luxxe Lifestyle Pavillon Inc. Remember that kitchen is made for bringing families and friends together so it's only important to have a beautiful kitchen that fits your personality and your vision in life. And a dining room is a place where you can enjoy with your loved ones over good food and fun conversations. :)

I'd like to believe that the kitchen is the heart of a home. And it is a place where love is considered the best ingredient. <3 font="">

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