Slowly Getting By


It makes me feel nervous that my college life is coming to its end but I'm pretty happy too because I have yet to reach another chapter of my life. I've been hella busy these days with all the manuscript revisions, attending media events, working for Luxxe & everything else that a 'normal' twenty year old does except if you consider online shopping for appliances is normal then yes I am a girl living a pretty normal life. You see, normal is a watchword for me now. My dad thinks I'm rushing things because I am already applying for full time jobs and sending out my resumes to my target companies. He doesn't really want me to apply for a job just yet and I guess I'm quite lucky to have a dad who doesn't push his child to earn already - not that there's anything wrong with that. :) But I guess given the fact that I have been working for the past years through freelance jobs & the blogging gigs here and there, maybe my dad thinks I deserve a little more time to really enjoy this moment. I guess making myself busy is my way of avoiding goodbyes, you know those things that comes to your mind when a really good tv series is about to end. Well THAT, is what I am trying to avoid. I've been blocking that kind of thoughts ever since 2016 approached. 

There's nothing else that I want more than to finally feel free and let my days go by without having to think of anything. Just me and my thoughts. I cannot wait to make new memories over the summer and maybe try to make more friends too! I really hope that my journey through life which I document through this blog has somehow inspired and helped all of you in anyway and know that I am never going to stop writing and sharing my wonderful adventures here on my blog. I hope to someday influence the world & shower it with love, purity and goodness.




  1. That is so awesome! Good for you!! Enjoy the moment!

  2. Congratulations sweetheart, enjoy your moment! And best of luck in your new journey! xxxxx