Wear Glitteratee


Launching my new line of sartorial pieces - Glitteratee

You might be wondering what's behind the name Glitteratee;  it is derived from the word glitterati /,ɡlidəˈrädē/ which according to Google means "the fashionable set of people engaged in show business or some other glamorous activity" + my nickname Tee.

I wanted a line that consists of ultimately affordable pieces that will suit anyone's wardrobe. More on basics + some fun pieces too that you can use to glam up every look. I'm gonna be uploading one item each week, mainly because I do not want to get bombarded with inquiries for different items all day and I don't want to be a normal online store. :) I want my pieces to be special, like each one of us. Unique, trendy & versatile. The pieces that I will be selling in my clothing line each week would be perfect for the fashion forward, modern Filipinas out there. So please make sure to follow Glitteratee on Instagram and catch my exclusive items each week!

This dress is available at Glitteratee for a much affordable price! 
Two stocks LEFT! Hurry and purchase now! :)