A Day in The Life

Finally done editing this video blog and I'm so excited to share it to everyone! Here's the compilation of the three events that my friends and I went to last Thursday. YUP! It was my first time to have three events in one day and I was super happy and exhausted (BUT SO DAMN HAPPY!) It was such a fun experience and I'm hoping there's more to come.

Please do watch it in HD and share it to your friends as well! :)

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun with all the people working hard together. Clean looks so good and I still really would love to try this out. Do you know if it's in Scandinavia or if it will come to Sweden? The food and especially the desserts looks so good <3 Yummy! xo Sabine

  2. I don't know if it is because I am hungry now, but most of the food I saw I like! Especially in the beginning, was that adobong pusit??? Anyway, I thought the video was nice. Perhaps using a combination of videos and still shots would make it better. Still shots so watchers can see details as opposed to videos na mostly taken from a distance. :)

    Keep it up!

  3. Thanks for showing me the most yummy food while I am trying hard not to get a snack! I love the desserts too! What a fun time you had with your friends. I think that is the best way to get a night out in and have fun while going to events!

  4. First of all, three events in ONE day? Wow, girl, I gotta admire your energy! You must really love what you're doing, and I'm happy that you are. ��

    Also, I love how you managed to squeeze three events into 6 minutes and 38 seconds without sacrificing the quality of the video clips. I'm curious on what device you used to records all those clips, though.

    Lastly, I followed you both on Bloglovin and Pinterest and liked your Facebook page. (What a stalker!) I'm sorry, I'm a newbie blogger and you're definitely one of my #bloggoals!


  5. This looks like an exciting day! How fun to have three events in one day. The CLEAN event looked very glamorous. And I loved the food at Buku Buku. Are those books on the ceiling?

  6. 3 events in a day? with 2 I got so tired already. you're good with vlogs. I'm improving my vlogs now btw. :) hope to see you on future events!

    ♥ Aika | aikaloraine.com

  7. Three events in one day! That must be pretty fun! I read about clean in some articles. Hopefully will get to try it soon :)

  8. Despite being a blogger for years, I realize I don't have much energy for events. I feel like it keeps me from creating. But you attended three! Wow.

  9. Nice Event, Nice Food and the party. The video composition is good not that bad. The only problem is, its too shaky. Thanks for sharing! More vlog to come.